Will Israeli Hamas War Spark World War III?

by James DiGeorgia | 10/14/2023 2:32 PM
Will Israeli Hamas War Spark World War III?

As the casualties continue to increase from the Israel-Hamas conflict, fears are growing over whether this new Middle East conflict could spark World War Three. Israel declared war on Hamas this past week while Hezbollah leaders met with Iranian government officials to decide whether to open a second front on Israel's northern border.

The danger of World War III becoming a reality is growing in the aftermath of reports of Hezzbollah officials meeting with Iranian government officials. Iran has promised to wipe Israel off the face of the other repeatedly since the country's 1979 revalution. Should Hezzbollah open a second front on Isreal's boarder there's no guarantee that the Jewish state will not hit military targets in Iran with some its nuclear weapons.

This would severly impact China's oil supplies. Austriala's Liberal Party Defence & National Security Policy Chair Lincoln Parker during a Sky TV news interview expressed concern that the current conflicts including the war between Israel and Hamas could lead to World War III...

“I mean we saw how World War One broke open, you know, it was a relatively minor conflict that happened in Austria-Hungary,”

“Now we’re seeing a number of conflicts around the world break open and this certainly could get much larger, and we are now surrounded,” he told Sky News host Erin Molan.

“We’ve got China doing deals in Timor-Leste – we’ve got China doing deals on the Solomons, we’ve got China really with their Belt and Road Initiative having immense control over many nations.”

Meanwhile the war between Russia and Ukraine continues to rage whith China and North Korea providing arms, ammunition and technology. At the same time, China's military and navy drills for an invasion of Taiwan continue unabated.

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