Trump Lawyers Meet Jack Smith Yesterday: Indictment Just Days Away

by James DiGeorgia | 06/06/2023 11:26 AM
Trump Lawyers Meet Jack Smith Yesterday: Indictment Just Days Away

Donald Trump's attorneys met with Jack Smith and his prosecutors to argue against their fast-approaching indictment in the Mara-a Lago Documents case yesterday for less than two hours.

Trump’s immediate response after he received word from his lawyers was to question why he was being indicted and declare his innocence. There is usually a meeting before a federal target of a criminal prosecution between the DOJ and the defendants’ lawyer in which they can try to persuade prosecutors not to charge their client.

Trump’s lawyers likely had little to argue with in opposing Trump’s indictment, given the short meeting.

Trump lawyers John Rowley, James Trusty, and Lindsey Halligan had requested a meeting with attorney general Merrick Garland ahead of a possible indictment. Still, neither he nor deputy attorney general Lisa Monaco had attended Monday's meeting. Another indication that Trump is facing an indictment announcement in a matter of days.

Smith's team has recently sought testimony related to the investigation of the documents in southern Florida, and sources told the Wall Street Journal that was apparently an effort to tie up loose ends in the probe.

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