Trump Lawyer and Co-defendant Confesses to 2020 Election Coup on FOX

by James DiGeorgia | 09/03/2023 4:48 PM
Trump Lawyer and Co-defendant Confesses to 2020 Election Coup on FOX

John Eastman and other co-conspirators keep confessing to a litany of Federal and State crimes. This will force other seditionists to flip and testify against on Trump and others.

During an interview on MSNBC Sunday, former federal prosecutor and law school professor Joyce White Vance explained that an interview of John Eastman video could be used in court against him. FOX far-right TV commentator Laura Ingraham literally points out the danger to John Eastman after he admits to an array of crimes….

"What I recommended (to former Vice President Pence), I've said this repeatedly, is that he exceed to request more than 100 state legislators in those swing states to give them a week to sort out the impact of what everyone acknowledged was illegality in the conduct of the election."

Joyce Vance went on to point out from a prosecutor's point of view…

"You're always happy when you can play a videotape of a defendant confessing on national television to a jury, which is exactly what that sounds like,"

"He is confessing to trying to interfere with the election. And it's compounded by Eastman's continued insistence that there was election fraud. However, no election fraud impacted the election outcome, according to 63 court decisions. Eastman knew that. there are emails where the lack of evidence of election fraud comes up and is discussed. This is an example of an arrogant lawyer who believes he can outsmart others. He does this sort of thing that will backfire on him and his co-defendants."

Eastman, Donald Trump, and 17 others were charged in a conspiracy racketeering case in Fulton County, Ga.

In a statement when he was indicted, Eastman said through an attorney that he would surrender…

 “To an indictment that should never have been brought.” He claimed the suit was targeting “attorneys for their zealous advocacy on behalf of their clients” and said the defendants are entitled to rely on the advice of lawyers.


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