The Day the Dinosaurs Died

by Wall Street Rebel | Michael London | 03/23/2022 12:22 PM
The Day the Dinosaurs Died

For 160 million years, dinosaurs controlled the Earth. They seemed to have a monopoly on the ecosystem. However, their world was destroyed one day by a massive rock the size of Everest flying from space, causing cloudy skies, poor air quality, cooler temperatures, tsunami-like waves, and craters. This abrupt and significant shift instantaneously destroyed some plant and animal life while ruining the habitats of others without giving them a chance to adapt. The Chicxulub Crater in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is rich in iridium shards, which are abundant in meteorites. Heavy iridium deposits have been discovered in sedimentary layers between the Cretaceous and Paleogene eras, possibly proving the link between asteroids and dinosaur extinction.


                               THE LAST DAY OF DINOSAURS | ReYOUniverse

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