NASA’s Near-Lightspeed Engine Defies Yesterday’s Physics

by Wall Street Rebel | Michael London | 01/10/2022 11:37 AM
NASA’s Near-Lightspeed Engine Defies Yesterday’s Physics


NASA is making significant investments in the goal of light-speed travel. As a result, once that occurs, the universe has no limit in terms of what may be accomplished.


As history has demonstrated, inconsistent physical rules can sometimes indicate that we simply do not yet comprehend something. Then there is the emergence of new physics. Nobody knows if the Earth will be habitable indefinitely. Suppose humans are to survive in the future. In that case, they will most likely have to pack their belongings and relocate to another planet.

Until you consider the vastness of space and the relative smallness of our planetary system, it does not appear to be a known or straightforward equation today to get from Earth to another relatively close galaxy. To arrive on time, no matter where we are in space, we must go rapidly, not just at the speed of light. We're talking about insanely rapid speeds. Researchers today may have theoretically created an engine that was impossible to build yesterday since it contradicted yesterday's laws of physics.



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