Judge Aileen Cannon is a Trump Stooge Helping Him Delay His FL Trial

by James DiGeorgia | 09/24/2023 3:40 PM
Judge Aileen Cannon is a Trump Stooge Helping Him Delay His FL Trial

MeidasTouch host Ben Meiselas discusses how Donald Trump used Judge Aileen Cannon’s failure to promptly enter a CIPA Protective Order to delay his classified document the trial in Florida.

Trump was indicted in June and accused of lying and scheming to mislead federal investigators to hold on to sensitive government documents he'd taken from the White House and knew were still classified, despite his protestations to the contrary.

Despite Trump's public assertions that he had declassified all the documents FBI agents found when they searched his Florida resort with a warrant last year, the order refers to the materials in question as still being classified.

Cannon ruled after sitting on the prosecution’s motion to protect classified documents that Trump had taken from the White House and illegally held on to…

"The Court finds that this case will involve information that has been classified in the interest of national security," and the "storage, handling, and control of this information will require special security precautions."

"All classified documents or material and the information contained therein shall remain classified unless the documents or material bear a clear indication that they have been declassified by the agency or department that is the originating agency of the document, material, or information contained therein," she continued.

The ruling does not shut the door on Trump's declassification arguments. Cannon, whom Trump nominated to the bench, said in a footnote that her order is “entered without prejudice to any potential challenges” to the “purported classification status of certain documents at issue in this action” or "to arguments/defenses raised under the Presidential Records Act."

Judge Cannon’s delayed order also prohibits Trump from publicly discussing any of the evidence marked classified. That also applies to information that enters the "public domain" without first having been explicitly declassified by the government.

Trump may, however, "disclose classified information to the defense as necessary for the preparation of his defense," Cannon wrote.

The order further says the "defense may disclose classified information to the Defendant unless the government informs the defense when providing the information that it will be moving the Court for an order to prohibit" its disclosure.

Jack Smith and his legal team are growing frustrated over Judge Cannon’s slow response and making no secret that she isn’t qualified and hasn’t the experience to handle the case. She appears to be trying to avoid making a mistake that would allow the special prosecutor to appeal to the Eleventh Circuit Appeals Court that could trigger her removal from the case.

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