Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago SECRET WITNESS Against Trump Revealed

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 05/27/2023 1:42 PM
Jack Smith’s Mar-a-Lago SECRET WITNESS Against Trump Revealed

This will set off a wave of Trump guests who were shown classified and top-secret files and a long list of those involved in their concealment to come forward looking for deals - to avoid prosecution or limit prison time. 

In another in a long string of ominous disastrous revelations former President Donald Trump has shown he had a clear intent to commit obstruction of justice by hiding records subpoenaed by the Department of Justice and actually ordered a practice run in hiding the records in case of an FBI search.

Key members of his legal and support team face long prison sentences for aiding and abetting Trump not just for hiding the presidential records but for helping him commit assorted crimes of conspiracy – and espionage.

Lawyer and Meidas Reporter Michael Popok explains all in this video…

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