Is this the Start of Cheaper Electric Cars?

by Wall Street Rebel | Michael London | 01/14/2022 10:38 AM
Is this the Start of Cheaper Electric Cars?

The Tesla Tabless 460 Battery is a huge step forward in battery technology, and it's exactly what the electric vehicle industry has been waiting for. A battery that is more energy-dense, less expensive, safer, and constructed with the correct components. In addition, a battery can be manufactured at a high rate in a small space.

Tesla already makes energy-efficient electric vehicles, but the 4680 is predicted to cut the cost of the battery - the most expensive component of the EV - in half, allowing Tesla to produce and market electric vehicles at pricing comparable to internal combustion vehicles.

The 4680 battery will result in substantial advancements in new cathodes and anodes, a structural battery pack with the Gigapress, new Gigafactory designs, and indirect cost savings in various sectors. According to a new analysis by ARK Invest, Wright's Law forecasts that battery costs will continue to fall when volume doubles. The 4680 will be crucial in increasing large-scale battery production.


                      Explaining The Tesla Tabless Battery (4680 battery)


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