Hubble Space Telescope Discovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen

by Wall Street Rebel | Michael London | 03/31/2022 9:12 AM
Hubble Space Telescope Discovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen

The Hubble Space Telescope has made an unexpected discovery: it has discovered a star 13 billion light-years away. NASA said the star is one of the oldest in the cosmos and has been identified as the farthest away from Earth.


Since its launch more than three decades ago, data collected by the Hubble space telescope has been used to write more than 18,000 peer-reviewed scientific publications on topics ranging from planet formation to massive black holes. The Hubble space telescope was launched in 1990, and it has collected data on a wide range of subjects.

NASA announced the Hubble Space Telescope and a fortunate alignment of many galaxies; scientists have discovered the oldest and most distant solitary star ever discovered. According to a team of scientists, the star lived about a billion years after the Big Bang; their results were published in the journal Nature on Wednesday.

Our most powerful telescopes can only detect individual stars in our nearest galactic neighbors while operating under normal conditions. Although a cluster of galaxies known as WHL0137-08 lined up in a manner that formed "a strong natural magnifying glass," according to NASA, the Hubble Space Telescope could see the faraway star as a result of a phenomenon known as "gravitational lensing."

The star was given the name Earendel by the astronomers, which means "dawn star" or "rising light" in Old English. In addition to having a mass up to 50 times that of our sun and a brightness millions of times greater than that of our sun, the star is so far away from us that it took 12.9 billion years for its light to reach us, according to NASA.


                       Hubble telescope finds most distant star ever seen


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