Device Using Sound Waves Allows Objects to Defy the Laws of Gravity

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 08/13/2022 8:53 AM
Device Using Sound Waves Allows Objects to Defy the Laws of Gravity

An amazing new tool called LeviPrint employs sound waves to levitate and move items, making it possible to manufacture products without touching the materials. 

It is a system that can levitate and manipulate different objects to assemble complex pieces. Of course, these objects could be small spheres, but they could also be glue droplets, and we could cure it whenever we wanted with ultraviolet light. The most important and the noblest thing about it is that we can levitate, move, and rotate sticks. The levitation is created by sound waves that have a frequency approximately double the highest frequency we humans can hear. When you create these sound fields, uh, they have different shapes yeah, they usually have like a wavy pattern, and when you put small objects, they get trapped in this standing wave you can see the interference patterns created by the sound waves dark areas like black it's like a low amplitude or if we talk about some low volume areas that are brittle.


                       Defying Gravity: LeviPrint Uses Sound Waves to Levitate Objects


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