Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist & Our Universe Maybe Over 20 Billion Years Old

by James DiGeorgia | 07/22/2023 1:09 PM
Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist & Our Universe Maybe Over 20 Billion Years Old

The James Web Telescope proving that standard scientific assumptions accepted by scientists, astronomers, and physicists about our universe are wrong.

Astronomers have found new evidence against a basic assumption of cosmology. The new theory explains the rotation of galaxies and other motions in the cosmos entirely without the influence of dark matter. If the AQUAL theory is correct, one of astronomy's greatest mysteries could be solved.

In addition, a star that is over 20 billion years old has just been discovered. This shatters the belief that our universe is 13.8 billion years old. one of the most fundamental questions in cosmology, and we thought we had the answer: about 13.8 billion years. But what if we are wrong? What if our universe is twice as old as we thought, and that changes everything we know about its history and evolution?

Watch these videos to explore a shocking new discoveries that suggests that our universe is at least 27 billion years old, and what it means for our understanding of the cosmos. We will also look at some of the mysteries and puzzles that led scientists to question the age of the universe in the first place, and how they used a new model to solve them.

All of this is based on a new study by Rajendra Gupta, a physicist from the University of Ottawa, who claims that our universe is not 13.8 billion years old, but 26.7 billion years old. His study is published in Physical Review D in November 2021.




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