America’s Mayor Giuliani Broke, Disgraced, and a Danger to Trump’s Freedom

by James DiGeorgia | 05/20/2023 1:20 PM
America’s Mayor Giuliani Broke, Disgraced, and a Danger to Trump’s Freedom

It’s hard to think of another former lawyer or politician to be in more danger of permanent disbarment and spending the rest of his life in prison than Rudy Giuliani.


While it’s true Giuliani’s credibility is forever compromised, he would make an effective witness against President Trump and every member of his plot to overthrow the 2020 election with firsthand testimony on everything from the plot to extort the Ukraine government to open an investigation into Joe Biden, the illegal elector scheme, the interference in as many as six states to illegally overturn the 2020 presidential election votes to selling pardons for $2 million each.

After resisting turning states and federal witness Giuliani, who has been financially abandoned by the former disgraced, sexual predator, twice impeached, defeated pathological, sociopathic loser Trump. Is now claiming financial poverty. While at the same time traveling the country to do pro-Trump events to promote the big lie.

Trump’s failure to make sure Giuliani is financially solvent is going to end badly for Trump and literally all the members who have not already agreed to testify and cooperate with Fulton County DA and special counsel Jack Smith. Once indicted, America’s traitor-accused rapist and sexual predator will face the prospect of rotting in a high-security prison with no window. He may not even be able to raise bail.

The clock is ticking and regardless what Trump has Giuliani. his friend and sometime lawyer has enough to buy a lighter sentenve and a betetr quality prison.


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