The Daily Briefing For August 6th: Futures Mixed Post Jobs Data

by Geoff Garbacz | 08/06/2021 8:53 AM

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The Daily Briefing For August 6th: Futures Mixed Post Jobs Data

Breaking News: 943,000 Jobs added for the month of July.

Earnings Out After The Close:

Beats: Y +1.74 BHF +1.68 VOYA +0.73 CVNA +0.66 ILMN +0.55 PRI +0.33  of note.

Flat: None of note.

Misses: EXPE  -0.53 QDEL -0.44 BECN -0.41 FEYE -0.23 PLUF -0.11 of note.

Capital Raises: 

IPOs Priced or News: 

New SPACs launched: None of note.

Secondaries Priced:  None of note.

Notes Priced of note: UPWK CROX  of note.

Common Stock filings:  AIN MREO of note.

Selling Shareholders of note: None of note.

Private Placement of Public Entity (PIPE): None of note.


Convertible Offering & Notes Filed: None of note.

Note Offerings Filed:  ATEC  of note.

Capital Raise Summary From The TradeXchange, bringing traders and investors real time news and Squawk Box, and other sources.

News After The Close:

Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki clarified that Tesla (TSLA) was not invited to the White House EV signing because it is not unionized.

Novavax (NVAX) delays applying for EUA to the fourth quarter. (Reuters)

Beyond Meet (BYND) sales projections fail to hit estimates.

CBO reports that the Infrastructure Bill adds $256 billion to the debt levels.

Federal Reserve announces the latest Stress Test update. (Reuters)

Federal Reserve Minneapolis President Neel Kashkari says Delta Variant could slow a move to taper.

Dividend Increases: 

Stock Split:

Higher Guidance:

Mixed Guidance:

Lower Guidance: 

Buyback Announcements: 

What’s Happening This Morning: Futures value reflects the change with fair value.

S&P 500 +2 Dow Jones Industrial Average +67 NASDAQ -48 Russell 2000 +1.  Fair values are mixed. Asia mixed and Europe higher. VIX is at 19.15 from 19.65 in futures. VIX closed at $17.28 from $17.97. Gold and silver lower with copper higher. WTI Crude Oil and Brent Oil Futures higher. Natural Gas is lower. $ is higher vs Euro, higher vs Pound and higher vs Yen. US 10 year Treasury price is at $134.23 from $134.88 with yields at 1.27% from 1.174% yesterday morning. Bitcoin at $40831 from $38117 yesterday, trading at $-158 or -0.39%.

Thursday’s Action – 8/5 Close.  

Positive Sectors On Thursday:  Energy, Real Estate and Financials of note.

Negative Sectors On Thursday:  Materials of note.

One Month Winners: Technology, Consumer Cyclical and Materials of note.

Three Month Winners: Energy, Real Estate and Healthcare of note.

Six Month Winners: Real Estate, Communication Services, Energy and Financials of note.

Twelve Month Winners: Materials, Communication Services, Industrials, Financials and Energy of note.

Year to Date: Energy, Communication Services, Financials, Real Estate and Industrials of note.

Stocks were higher, Bonds were lower, U.S. Dollar higher and Commodities mixed. Updated 8/5 Close.

Upcoming Earnings Of: (sorted by market cap, highest to lowest with most visible names)

Friday After the Close: none


Earnings of Note This Morning:

Beats: AMCX +1.68 CGC +1.13 MODV +0.84 CRON +0.24 FLR +0.24 GT +0.16 NCLH +0.07 QRTEA +0.04 

Flat: None of note.

Misses: IEP -0.48 SSP -0.41 KYMR -0.30 ROAD -0.15 TWST -0.07 CNK -0.06 NUAN -0.02 LEA -0.02 SPB -0.01

Still to Report: 

Insider Purchases:  

We see moderate short selling with smart short sellers so this should not be considered as potential buys for HMST DAL PRG. Updated 8/6

Erlanger Research Advance/Decline Chart –Updated through 8/5 close. 

Gap Ups & Down In Early Pre-Market:

Gap up:

ATHX +20.1%, WPRT +17.4%, GRPN +16.5%, SWCH +16.2%, AUPH +15.3%, CSOD +14.6%, HCI +13.7%, YELP +12.9%, GDYN +12.5%, TGH +11.4%, PRTS +10.8%, MGNI +9.8%, CRC +9.4%, CVNA +8.9%, VIR +8.7%, RAMP +8.3%,OUT+7.9%, PLUG +7.5%, CNDT +7.4%, GPRO +7.4%, REZI +7.3%, AVLR +7%, SYNA +6.6%, ONTO +6.5%, GDEN +5.8%, ATSG +5.8%, IRTC +5.4%, OEC +5.4%, LTHM +5.3%, SEM +5.1%, TDC +4.7%, CTVA +4.5%, NWSA +4.4%, EB +4.3%, MTW +4.2%, DBX +4.2%, SPCE +4.1%

Gap down:

DRNA -26.8%, ICAD -16.3%, ZNGA -14.3%, FEYE -10.9%, COLL -10.7%, NVAX -10.4%, FROG -8.6%, GKOS -8.4%, AU -7.5%, QDEL -6.7%, TRUP -6.5%, EXPE -6.4%, PGNY -6.1%, APPN -5.7%, TSP -5.4%, NET -5.3%, AIN -5.2%, VMEO -4.9%, ITT -4.9%, QUOT -4.5%, VXRT -4.5%, ACMR -4.3%, SGMO -4.2%, MX -4.1%

Rags & Mags: Highlighted Stories may be clicked through to the original story.  Repeated stories from prior days never listed, i.e. “rehashed news”.

Stocks making the biggest moves  (CNBC)

Covid-19 Data sees 103,455 cases versus 80,701 cases. 42,938 hospitalizations versus 29,383. Deaths 614 versus 421.

Business groups want President Biden to restart talks with China. (WSJ)

Amazon (AMZN) wins court action to move forward with Future Group deal in India. (Reuters)

Spirit (SAVE) apologizes after half its flights were cancelled  due to staffing issues. Of course they did! They better pray customers still show up. (WSJ)

Robinhood Snaps looks at Rihanna and her company Fenty Beauty that put her net worth at $1.7 billion. Looks at Clear Secure (YOU).

Index Moving Averages: 8/4 Close – The Confidence Score moves to 57% from 63%.  


President Biden receives the daily presidential briefing at 9:30 a.m. EDT.

President Biden delivers comments on the Jobs Data at 10:30 a.m. EDT.

Press Briefing at 1:00 p.m. EDT with Jen Psaki.

President Biden gets the Weekly Economic Briefing in Wilmington, DE with the Vice President at 2:15 p.m. EDT.

Fed Speakers

None of note.


July Nonfarm Payrolls is due out at 8:30 a.m. EDT and is expected to rise to 925,000 from 850,000.The unemployment rate is expected to fall to 5.6% from 5.9%.

M&A Activity:

Meeting & Conferences of Note:

Sellside Conferences: Credit Suisse Disruptive Business Conference (8/2-6) Needham Industrial Technologies 1X1 Conference (8/6-9)

Company Meetings: IR (Conference Call) 

Conferences of Note: DEF CON 29 (8/5-8)

Upgrades & Downgrades: Today recs see 10 upgrades and 1 downgrade. 

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