No Libido? Here’s How to Increase Your Sex Drive

by Dr. William Gruss | 02/10/2021 10:45 AM
No Libido? Here’s How to Increase Your Sex Drive

The continuing COVID-19 pandemic is causing mayhem with people’s lifestyles and their sex drive. Statistical data show that the pandemic has taken its toll on the nation’s sex drive. Of note, low libido or loss of sex drive can also be a symptom of chronic Covid. However, doctors are worried about the pandemic’s mental health implications that could be the underlying cause of several physical complications.


According to a recent Survey in the Journal of Sexual Medicine more than 800 adults in the UK, 60% of people (older than 18 years) were not having sex even once a week in the lockdown. The survey also finds that a majority of them were also not engaged in any sexual activity – including masturbation.

Why is my libido so low?

According to Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, “Experiencing a low sex drive could be due to multiple reasons. Lockdown has severely impacted mental health, and many people feel demotivated, isolated, and un-energized - and this, in turn, has linked to decreased sex drive.” He further adds that “your libido can vary greatly depending on the location, surrounding environment, friends and family, social circle and how you spend your time. Chances of reduced libido are higher if you are socially cut off or stuck at home alone.”

Dr. Aragona also clarifies that certain medications (pills and injections) used as contraceptives have decreased sex drive in women.

Regular exercise is a must

Everyone’s sex drive is different, and we can’t label something like a “normal” libido. But if you want to enhance your sexual appetite and increase libido, here’s what Dr. Aragona suggests…

Partaking in an exercise is an easy and effective way to boost your sexual drive. Studies have proven that regular strength training and cardio will help to improve your stamina, strengthen your muscles, lift your mood, and enhance your libido at the same time.

Mental health is the key

Moving from a pre-covid world to a pandemic lifestyle with social distancing, paranoia, and hundred of thousands of deaths can unnerve even the stable person. There’s a lot of uncertainty with the pandemic and worse socioeconomic conditions that have added fuel to the fire and affected people’s sexual drive. However, you should find ways to de-stress yourself. The first step is to realize and pinpoint what makes you stressed and anxious – whether it’s work, relationships, or money.

Remedying your hurdles will help you engage in social activities and enjoyable sexual activity. You should also try mediation, yoga, and other relaxing techniques to help de-stress yourself and regain pleasure.

Talk to your partner

Being upfront with your partner with complete candor and communication is key. Talk to your partner about how you feel about this pandemic and see if there is anything both of you can do together for a better outcome.

You should also try out new things – such as watching porn together, purchasing sex toys, or trying a new sex position. All these things can help you engage in mindful sex and make a huge difference in regaining your sex drive.

Lifestyle changes may help

Lifestyle plays a major role in one’s physical, mental, and sexual health. Cut down on bad habits – such as alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs, poor exercise schedule, and inadequate or low quality sleep.

Instead, focus on consuming fresh fruits, veggies, and an overall balanced diet.

Try a sex schedule

Setting out a proper time for intimacy is as important as rescheduling your diet and lifestyle. Dr. Aragona recommends scheduling your sex routine in a diary or a mobile phone.  This may take some patience and practice since you most likely never carried a little black intimacy schedule book, but it is a great way to ensure that you both are spending that essential time together. This may help boost your confidence and enhance your libido.


                How to boost libido in men and women - Doctor explains


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