Can you use MACD indicators on Altcoin and Bitcoins?

by James DiGeorgia | 02/19/2021 3:45 PM
Can you use MACD indicators on Altcoin and Bitcoins?

Public opinion on the crypto markets might be misleading or false in most cases. With the trend tracking indicators, one can get reliable information for guidance


Prediction and constant following of the normal trends of cryptocurrencies with the human mind is tiresome and ineffective. As a result, trends within the crypto space have been estimated to follow some well-set algorithms. The introduction of the investment indicators has enabled the passivity states in the stock markets and the cryptos since investors do not actively analyze the trend.

One of the most reliable indicators that stand the test of time is the MACD. This acronym stands for Moving Average Convergence Divergence.

Mode of operation of MACD

This algorithm operates under the moving average principle in which new trends within the crypto market are indicated. There are two kinds of expected outcomes from MACD, which are either Bullish or Bearish trends.

Using MACD is always very simple that even a newbie understands. With the trends, there is still consistency that generates returns. Within the settings of the MACD, there are often three numbers that are utilized for the calculation of the averages; they are as follows;

1st number indicates the calculation of the faster-moving average within the MACD, the 2nd often indicates the slower-moving average number of periods. In contrast, the third, which is the last, shows the bar numbers in the moving average algorithm within the difference in the faster moving and the slower moving averages.

Establishing the MACD line results from the generation from the difference in the EMAs. For this case, getting the difference between the 26-EMA and the 12-EMA generates the MACD line.

With this, it is possible that the momentum of the price in relation to the fluctuations can be established. Therefore, the direction of the investment can be known. Most of the investors, including the newbies and the experienced traders, use this trend to establish the investment moves. It was formerly dominant in the stock exchange platforms that includes forex trades. On the other hand, this trend has gained widespread use within the crypto markets. Reliable information can be obtained to make the maximum return on the investment. But still, this can just be referred to as an indicator and not the actual state of events; one should always be advised to invest what they can afford to lose, or rather, they shouldn’t place all their eggs in one basket.

Importance of MACD for altcoins and bitcoin at large

They give general direction for crypto use. Crypto trading is a new trend in the finance sector. This has been based on the superior technology that they use and the underlying principles they are established. The fluctuations that exist within the bitcoin and altcoin trading calls for careful planning on investment on whether to buy or sell. For this reason, most investors prefer to follow trends that are relatively consistent with the natural behavior of the crypto values. The use of MACD that was previously and still is being used in the stock markets has been fairly consistent in use to date. However, care should be taken not to base the analysis on MACD since trends may change with time and the market behavior might be unpredictable at times.

It is a trend-following tool

Predicting the future of the cryptos is generally cumbersome and unrealistic. However, with the past information of the graphs’ general behavior, one can successfully deduce what is to be done and when to do it. With this, the swift and smart investors make fortunes when they combine their skill with an external trend following an algorithm like the one used in MACD. With this, warnings concerning the potential boom or the collapse within a crypto market, especially bitcoins and even other altcoins, can be seen. Having prior knowledge of potential future behavior gives you leverage over other market players. Hence, you rake more profits.

It can be combined with other tools for more consistency

RSI, which is the ‘relative strength index,’ is also one of the trend indicators used within the crypto space. Experienced traders usually prefer to combine it with reliable MACD. In addition to knowing whether a trend is bullish or bearish, the degree of the fluctuation can be estimated; this helps establish a more consistent trend. The combined indexing within the crypto market, especially bitcoin, has been reliable over the past years and is still being encouraged for use by investors.


Should you use the MACD indicator for bitcoins and other altcoins? Depending on what works for you best, avoiding the crowd mentality by acting outside their influence can lift you many steps ahead. In case many investors are using it, you may opt for a superior trend indicator, but since people perceive things differently, you still use it and be steps ahead of the crowd mentality.


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