Weekend Reading For July 28-29th

by Geoff Garbacz | 07/29/2018 9:58 PM
Weekend Reading For July 28-29th
As we conclude the weekend, it makes sense to review stories of interest from the weekend news. The week ahead will be filled with lots of Central Bank guidance and decisions. As such, there were plenty of comments on the potential action.

CNBC weighed in with a republished article from July 20th written by Dick Bove stating that President Trump is going to takeover the Federal Reserve with his appointments and that the Federal Reserve is about to get political.

Bloomberg reports Treasury Secretary Mnuchin is going to increase the size of bond auctions and grow supply. Why? Because of the tax cuts revenues from taxes are lighter than forecasted.

The New York Times reports on whether the CBS board is going to take action against CEO Leslie Moonves for sexual misconduct. It seems almost every CEO in the Fortune 500 is at risk.

From Barron's, we find that the publication thinks that Facebook (FB) is a bargain at this price. We disagree. Run do not walk. They review their outlook for retail stocks. It is mixed.

We will have more comments tomorrow but these articles got us thinking as we head into Monday.

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