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Washington Governor Inslee Rips Trump During Governors Meeting Friday Using Football Analogy

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 03/27/2020 4:17 PM
Washington Governor Inslee Rips Trump During Governors Meeting Friday Using Football Analogy

Gov. Inslee told Trump… “We don’t need a backup. We need a Tom Brady." Clearly taking issue with President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus epidemic.


Washington Governor tried to bring the incompetence and inability of the President’s managing the nation’s battle with the coronavirus. President Trump later in the middle of today’s daily disguised campaign event realized during his comments appeared confused and failed to realize Inslee he had been insulted with the sports metaphor.

“I would say maybe one person there was a little, tiny bit of a raising of a voice, a little wise guy a little bit, but he’s usually a big wise guy. Not so much anymore. We saw to it that he wouldn’t be so much anymore."

"Somebody in the fake news said that one of the governors said, ‘Oh, we need Tom Brady.’ He meant that in a positive way.   ‘We need Tom Brady, and we’re gonna do great,’ and he took it very positively. They took it differently. They think Tom Brady should be leading the effort.”

“That’s only fake news, and I like Tom Brady. I spoke to him the other day. He’s a great guy. I wish the news could be real; I wish it could be honest; I wish it weren’t so corrupt. But so much of it is. It’s just so sad to see. We had a great meeting.”

The ongoing class with the Washington governor became public recently when the President referred to the Inslee as a snake. 

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