Was the Rape Accusation Against Trump True?

by James DiGeorgia | 07/15/2019 1:00 AM
Was the Rape Accusation Against Trump True?

A 30-year-old Jane Doe filed a lawsuit prior to the 2016 election alleging Donald J. Trump raped her in the 1990s when she was 13 in Jeffery Epstein’s townhouse. The lawsuit was withdrawn allegedly because she received death threats. Now the accusation could be part of the investigation by SDNY into the current prosecution of the billionaire.


By James DiGeorgia

The author of “TrumpNation,” Tim O’Brien appearing on MSNBC’s “AM Joy,” dropped more than one bombs into the President’s conduct and ties to Billionaire Jeffery Epstein …

 “When I worked on my book about Trump, Trump regularly talked to me about Jeff Epstein, and he felt they had lifestyles that were in synch. However, what is happening now with this investigation in the Southern District and they’re going to get access to Jeff Epstein’s videos.”

 “The other thing is, there is an outstanding claim a Jane Doe claim filed right before the election by a woman in her 30’s who said in the ’90s Donald Trump raped her in,”

“The veracity of that claim can be tested now by the Southern District.”

Tim O’Brien pointed out that if the SDNY is investigating what occurred in Jeffrey Epstein’s townhouse…

 “They should interview every woman who came in and out of that townhouse, including the woman that made this claim against the president right before the election.”

O’Brien went on to say that while the White House says her claims were baseless

 “She withdrew her claim because she got death threats…That can be tested very quickly.”

According to news reports the Southern District of New York investigators uncovered a wealth of photographic evidence from accused child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s Manhattan townhouse that could clear up — or confirm — accusations made by a woman who claimed Donald Trump raped her at the age of 13 in Epstein’s home in the 1990s.

According to O’Brien Epstein’s home has a camera(s) in every room leading him to believe that there is a treasure trove of tapes showing criminality.

The obvious question is if there is evidence of other men sexually assaulting underage women, how many will be exposed in the weeks and months ahead?

Another question that needs to ask.

Did Attorney General William Barr decide not to recuse himself from the Jeffery Epstein case because President Trump or other powerful, influential men may need him to throw a monkey wrench into the current prosecution of Epstein to protect President Trump?

Alex Acosta, Donald Trump’s Labor Secretary, has already been forced to resign as a result of this past week’s indictment of Jeffery Epstein. Acosta’s reputation has been damaged as he has struggled to demonstrate that he did the right thing in going after Epstein but then pulling the plug on the massive effort to lock the finance whiz in the federal clink. Many observers believe and have opined Acosta’s decision back then to sign a non-prosecution deal that allowed Epstein to serve only 13 months in county jail, with permission to leave the building and go to work six days a week is indefensible.

The revelation that the Epstein plea deal violated Federal Law with Alex Acosta’s knowledge…“This agreement will not be made part of any public record,” the deal between Epstein and Acosta said. (The document was unsealed by a federal judge in a civil lawsuit in 2015) was highlighted recently by a Federal Judge who issued a scathing opinion about Alex Acosta’s conduct as a federal prosecutor with regard to his actions related to the earlier prosecution of the billionaire.

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