Wall Street Ignoring the Growing Danger of the Delta Variant

by James DiGeorgia | 07/23/2021 2:27 PM
Wall Street Ignoring the Growing Danger of the Delta Variant

The highly contagious Covid-19 Delta Variant now represents 84% of Covid diagnosed cases in the United States and more than 98% of the Covid hospital admissions. Yet while Wall Street has suffered just a few bad days, it's not anticipating the spiraling increases in Covid-19 Delta Variant becoming a threat to the U.S. or world economy. That could be a huge mistake.


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Ever so slowly, Republican politicians and conservative media talking heads are starting to notice the skyrocketing increases of Delta Variant cases.   The fact is, the vast majority of the 100 million adult Americans that have so far refused to get vaccinated are Republican-leaning voters.

Yesterday, 61,651 new cases of Covid-19 were reported, while 365 deaths were recorded. The low number of deaths and a recent earnings report season have lulled Wall Street back into rally mode after a few frantic days. Yet, the danger of the Delta Variant becoming a vicious nightmare that threatens to collapse our hospital system like it did last year is becoming an increasing possibility.

The danger is becoming so hard to ignore even the likes of FOX TV's Sean Hannity came out and urged his viewers to get vaccinated on Tuesday. However, by Wednesday, he backtracked after a massive backlash from his Trumpian audience.

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Yesterday the governor of Tennessee, Bill Lee, made his first public appearance in two weeks and suggested Tennessee residents think about getting vaccinated, but insisted it's not the government's role to take any steps beyond providing information and vaccines. His fear of Trump-aligned voters is greater than his fear that tens of thousands, even hundreds of thousands of Tennessee voters, become critically ill or die.

It's clear until red states hospitals in Arkansas, Texas, Arkansas, Tennesee, Mississippi, Alabama, South Carolina, and Florida are overwhelmed with desperately ill and dying patients, Republican politicians will ignore the growing crises. The decision will hang the moniker of the Death Cult on the grand old party (GOP), the problem will continue to snowball.

Wall Street will take notice at some point in the next 30-60 days and become unhinged. Investors and professional money managers are just not going to be able to ignore the devastation to the U.S. economy as tens of millions of people not vaccinated contract the Covid-19 Delta variant. We are witnessing a historic systemic health crisis go from being on the verge of being defeated to it becoming a catastrophic society threatening event – that could knock the stock market down 20%, 30%, even 40% in a cascade at some point in the next few months.

The stock market opened on Thursday with the Dow Jones up over 200 points, the S&P up over 33 points, and the NASDAQ rising 119 points. It's as if the financial markets are solely focused on the successful passage of the bipartisan $1.2 Trillion infrastructure bill and oblivious to the growing health crisis.

Worse, Wall Street and the Anti-Vaxx movement ignore the possibility that the Covid-19 Delta Variant isn't the final form of the deadly virus that could develop. The fact is that unless the United States can achieve a 70% vaccination rate quickly, we could wake up one morning in the months ahead and learn that an Alpha-Omega Varient of Covid-19 has been identified.

An Alpha Omega variant would be the apparent moniker for a form of Covid-19 that kills tens of millions, hundreds of millions, even a billion people across the planet. The beginning and the end are referred to in the bible as end times. Something the vast majority of Evangelical Christians believe will happen.

Over 625,000 Americans have died of Covid-19, while almost 4.1 million people around the world have died. Both numbers are suspected of being on the low side by many medical experts. India's government, for example, has reported 419,000 deaths, while medical experts in India have insisted the number of victims of the virus is more likely 2 million. The Indian health care system has been overwhelmed, leading to so many deaths that even the crematoriums have been overcome, leading to mass graves being dug in dozens of poor provinces in the country. 

The danger of the Delta Covid-19 variant is real. Not a single mainstream, right-wing, or alt-right news outlet is warning about the threat of millions of Americans being infected, much less the possibility of it mutating into an Alpha Omega variant capable of killing hundreds of millions or billions. To most, that kind of outcome is the stuff of science fiction. It should be considered the stuff of legitimate science and an overhanging danger.


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