Veterans Declare President Trump ‘America’s No. 1 Traitor!’

by James DiGeorgia | 07/04/2020 1:41 PM
Veterans Declare President Trump ‘America’s No. 1 Traitor!’

The fallout over Trump’s ignoring Russia’s murder for bounty program with Afghanistan Islamic terrorists that pays US$100,000 per dead American soldier motivates VoteVets group to say “Benedict Arnold can step aside,” in its latest anti-Trump attack video.


President Trump’s first tried to ignore Russia’s murder for a hire bounty program that pays Afghanistan Islamic terrorists US$100,000 per dead American and or coalition soldier. That didn’t work, his lack of his addressing the crisis pushed polling of adults on his job performance polls to a dismal 56.4 disapproval, 40.1 approval averages - the worst polling results since his Charlottesville disaster in 2017. 

Now he’s calling Russia’s murder for hire program - a hoax even as more evidence of Putin’s international crime and Trump’s egregious dereliction of duty become exposed. 

The revelation of Trump’s indifference to the murder for hire targeting of our and our allied soldiers is turning active duty military and veterans against him like a tsunami. One veteran's group insists that  Donald Trump has replaced Benedict Arnold as “America’s number one traitor,” and appears devoted to making sure the president is voted out of office this November 3rd’ general election.

“No one has betrayed those in uniform like Donald Trump.”

“This July Fourth, Benedict Arnold can step aside, because Benedict Donald is America’s number one traitor.”

Says the voice-over, in the latest ad released by the VoteVets organization this past Friday in a 65-second commercial spot.  It references Trump’s siding with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin over U.S. intelligence on Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and reports that U.S. officials knew Russia allegedly paid Taliban members to kill American troops.

  VoteVets Ad - Don't Thank Us

This isn’t the first “traitor” ad posted by this political action committee. Here’s another...

     VoteVets - Traitor Ad

The Lincoln Project is also out with a new commercial calling Trump a traitor…

      Betrayed - The Lincoln Project

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