Ukraine Kills 31,520 Russian Troops in November and December

by Wall Street Rebel - James DiGeorgia | 01/11/2023 12:11 PM
Ukraine Kills 31,520 Russian Troops in November and December

November and December were particularly bloody months in Ukraine's 11-month conflict. Russia lost more troops in November than the United States combined in more than 20 years in Afghanistan and Iraq. It also lost more soldiers than the Soviet Union during its decade-long Afghanistan invasion in the 1980s.


According to the official Ukrainian claims, suffered over 60,000 were wounded in action, which means that Russia has lost an estimated 150,000 dead and as many as 300,000 wounded since invading Ukraine in February of 2022 (common military practice is to account for two to three wounded for every soldier killed).

In December alone also lost 266 vehicles and fuel tanks, 198 armored personnel carriers and infantry fighting vehicles, 184 tactical unmanned aerial vehicles, 180 ballistic and cruise missiles, 114 tanks, 112 artillery pieces, and 28 Multiple Launch Rocket Systems (MLRS).

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense issued a press release listing Russian the casualties it has inflicted on the Russian forces across the country's bitfields.

Is it just propaganda from Ukraine? No, but there is a good probability that the Ukrainian figures are off due to the fog of war or because of a concerted disinformation operation to demoralize Russia and bolster Western military and financial support for Ukraine.

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Kyiv has claimed to have inflicted a total of between 330,000 to 440,00 casualties on the Russian forces, While Western intelligence agencies estimate that 150,000 casualties and 300,000 wounded, assuming twice the number of dead to the wounded ratio of killed to wounded. This means that between the original invading force of 200,000 men and the 300,000 conscripted and new volunteers added that Putin's recent call to increase its military ranks by another 500,000 just as Ukraine is also receiving all sorts of new advanced weaponry from the west, could result in another 450,000 additional dead and wounded Russian soldiers in the next several months.

The Russian people cannot ignore these casualties, the number of wounded, and the degradation of Russia's weapons of war much longer as the growing international economic sanctions strangle the country's economy into a deep recession or even an outright depression.

Vladimir Putin is ironically repeating the mistakes made by Czar Nicholas during the 1st World War and the Soviet Union's leaders during its Afghanistan invasion that triggered both the 1917 and 1991 Russian revolutions.

As each day passes, Putin's longevity as the President of Russia is being put at greater and greater risk. His attacks on the civilian energy infrastructure and population have just served to toughen Ukrainian resolve to win this war. His hope of help from an especially bitterly cold winter is also fading. So far, the Winter in Europe has been mild.

Putin is losing his Ukrainian war, and his days are numbered. There's currently a war premium of about $15 on the price of oil that would vanish within days of Putin's death. This could aid the Federal Reserve in its attempt to navigate a "soft landing" for the U.S. economy. Assuming, of course, that the Republicans in the House of Representatives don't trigger a debt default in the fall.

No subsequent Russian president would continue this war with Ukraine in the aftermath of Putin's demise or banishment. Instead, a new Russian President will blame the death, destruction, and economic free-fall his country has suffered on Putin and pull Russian troops out of Ukraine, including Crimea and ask for an armistice agreement in which it will likely have to pay a few trillion dollars over the next 30 years to Ukraine.

Ukraine will also likely become a member of NATO and the European Union.

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