Ukraine Intelligence: Putin Survived Assassination Attempt

by Wall Street Rebel - James DiGeorgia | 05/23/2022 1:21 PM
Ukraine Intelligence: Putin Survived Assassination Attempt

According to Ukraine's top military intelligence official, Russian Dictator Vladimir Putin survived an assassination attempt launched not long after he ordered the invasion of Ukraine. Kyrylo Budanov told the Ukrainian newspaper Ukrainska Pravda: "There was an attempt to assassinate Putin" in March.


According to Ukraine's top military intelligence official Kyrylo Budanov…

 "There was an attempt to assassinate Putin… He was even attacked, it is said, by representatives of the Caucasus, not so long ago. This is non-public information. [It was an] Absolutely unsuccessful attempt, but it really happened… It was about two months ago.

"I repeat, this attempt was unsuccessful.

"There was no publicity about this event, but it took place."

Pravda reports that these comments were part of a longer interview with Budanov, which it would publish soon. The claim by Budanov has to be taken with a grain of salt since Budanov has repeatedly spread unverified information about threats to Putin and did not provide evidence to support his latest claim.

In that interview with Sky News around a week ago, Budanov claimed that Putin's health is declining and suggested that a Kremlin coup is underway that is "impossible to stop." He also stated he expected a leadership change in Russia by the end of the year. 

Budanov's claim of an attempted Putin assassination was buttressed by Anton Geraschenko, a senior Ukrainian government official, who shared Budanov's comments on his Telegram profile. It would appear that Budanov is making it quite apparent that Ukraine was not the party responsible for the murder attempt by attributing it to "representatives of the Caucasus." In addition, he seems to be implying that the attempted assassination has nothing to do with Ukraine but rather has something to do with the Caucasus. The Caucasus is another sizeable geographical region in Russia that includes some Russian territories, such as North Ossetia-Alania and Chechnya, as well as non-Russian states such as Georgia and Azerbaijan, which used to be a part of the Soviet Union.

According to the timeline attributed to the assassination attempt, there were already signs that the advance of Russian troops in Ukraine was faltering badly and that reverberations were starting to occur within the Kremlin. 

The assassination claim is the latest in a long string of claims about Putin's health and its impact on his leadership in Russia.

Most recently, on May 18, former MI6 chief Sir Richard Dearlove said that Putin would be out of power by 2023 and committed to a sanatorium.

In recent days, concerns over Putin's health have become more widespread with reports that he is so ill he has a team of doctors following him around, and he has frequently paused official meetings to take medical treatments.

While Putin's health is in question, there's evidence that the Russian people are growing increasingly discontent with the Ukrainian "special military action," with protests breaking out at large public events like concerts that cloak individuals from being identified by virtual of the size of the audiences. In addition, there are increasing reports of Russian soldiers and entire military units refusing or even deserting.


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