Ukraine Drone Targeted Putin’s for Assassination: Ridiculous Claim

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 05/03/2023 5:47 PM
Ukraine Drone Targeted Putin’s for Assassination: Ridiculous Claim

Ukraine Drone Targeted Putin’s for Assassination: Ridiculous Claim

The drones, if they were drones that hit the Kremlin yesterday that attacked the Kremlin was last night overnight in an attempt, we’re not, according to President Zelensky of Ukraine, an assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin’s life.

Reports from Moscow residents about hearing two explosions behind Kremlin walls shortly after 2 a.m. local time last night, after which the lights went out. Footage shared by residents in a local Telegram channel captured the incident, as smoke was seen filling the sky above the Kremlin. Videos also appeared to show part of the Kremlin on fire.

Now, the Putin puppets in the Russian government say it was a brazen attack by Ukraine using two drones, both of which they say was been destroyed.

Like Adolph Hitler Putin has suffered through many if not more assassination attempts. Hitler was targeted at least six times. Yet, the attack that has resulted in Russian state TV echoing another threat by Putin to respond with a nuclear weapon, doesn’t measure up as a Ukrainian threat.

First, we know from reporting Moscow and the Kremlin are protected from these and larger weapons.  A strike by Ukrainian drones would not make it inside the Kremlin. What is more likely is that Russian freedom fighters in Russia using small drones with explosive drones targeted the Kremlin to show that Kremlin is not unbeatable.

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Insurgents, a revolutionary within Russia is much more likely, especially after reports that the country has suffered another 100,000 casualties in the last 5 months alone in Putin’s repeated double down on his genocidal war in Ukraine. He’s mad as a hatter.

Another reason to be skeptical is - not only has Ukrainian President Zelenskky denied the accusation. It’s also well-known that Putin doesn’t spend his nights in the Kremlin. He spends his time isolated in a bunker Palace encircled by an anti-drone, anti-aircraft, and special detachment of at least a brigade-sized special military unit to protect his life.  

No injuries were reported, according to the TASS news agency. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirmed my thinking that Putin was not at his presidential residence at the time.

The Kremlin and its state-run media, describing the incident as a “planned terrorist attack” and “assassination attempt on the president of Russia,” say it’s now going to take “retaliatory".

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has denied his country’s attack behind the Kremlin walls and is accusing Moscow of deliberately “escalating the situation ahead of May 9,” when Russia routinely flaunts its military prowess to mark Victory Day.

President Zelensky’s spokesman Serhii Nykyforov said.

“Separately, the phrasing by the terrorist state is surprising. A terrorist attack is houses destroyed in Dnipro and Uman or a rocket attack on a railway station in Kramatorsk, and many other tragedies,”

The Kremlin’s official version of events left many unanswered questions. Witnesses said the two separate explosions occurred more than 10 minutes apart—meaning federal protection units guarding the Kremlin either did not react to the first blast or were exceptionally bad at their ability to protect the Kremlin.

A Moscow resident interviewed by the independent outlet Verstka was quoted as saying he heard the first blast at about 2:30 a.m. The second one, he said, happened several minutes later at 2:42 a.m. Footage shared on local Telegram channels of the first and second explosions also surfaced several minutes apart.

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The Daily Beast reports…

“Verstka noted that one of the more striking videos of the “attack” was also apparently filmed from a building located on Red Square that belongs to the presidential administration.

“An unnamed worker inside the Kremlin told Verstka there was no sense of panic or heightened security as the work day began Wednesday.”

A worker near by was quoted by the Daily Beast saying…

“Nothing strange has happened. The Alexander Garden was not blocked off; cars were parked in the lot as usual,”

“It was also unclear how two Ukrainian drones could have made it through Russia’s air defenses and into the heart of the capital.

“The alleged assassination attempt comes after Russia’s pro-war hawks have spent months demanding the military unleash more brutal attacks against Ukraine, claiming military commanders have been held back from doing so.

“Many Russian lawmakers on Wednesday seized on news of the incident at the Kremlin to re-up that demand.”

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“Terrorists have settled in Kyiv, and, as you know, negotiations with them are meaningless. They need only to be destroyed quickly and mercilessly. It’s time to launch a missile attack on Zelensky’s residence in Kyiv,” United Russia lawmaker Mikhail Sheremet said in comments to Russian state media. “I’m ready to give the coordinates: 11 Bankova Street, where the so-called administration of the president of Ukraine is located.”

“Kremlin propagandists also burst into hysterics, with Margarita Simonyan, the editor in chief of RT, suggesting on Telegram that the alleged attack is just the pretext Moscow needs to go scorched earth on Ukraine: “Maybe now it will start for real?”

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