Trump's True Life Reality Show Continues with DOJ Indictment

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 06/09/2023 9:58 AM
Trump's True Life Reality Show Continues with DOJ Indictment

Amidst a flurry of multiple federal charges, including the grave offense of obstructing justice, the ex-president and former television reality star is slated to appear in a Miami courtroom for arraignment in the biggest reality of all time. In a historic turn of events, federal charges have been levied against a former President of the United States for the first time.


In a stunning turn of events, the Justice Department made an unprecedented move on Thursday by filing federal criminal charges against former President Donald J. Trump. The charges allege that he mishandled classified documents he retained after leaving office and impeded the government's attempts to retrieve them. This legal and political bombshell is sure to send shockwaves throughout the nation.

Mr. Trump has taken to his social media platform to confirm his indictment. He stands accused of deliberately withholding classified information related to national defense, an egregious breach of the Espionage Act. Additionally, he is charged with fabricating falsehoods and colluding to impede the course of justice, as revealed by sources close to the case.

Thursday's indictment by the Justice Department was met with a deafening silence, as officials refrained from making any comment and chose not to release the document to the public.

For the first time in history, a former president has been indicted with federal charges, as a grand jury in Federal District Court in Miami has recently declared. The nation finds itself in an exceptional predicament. Mr. Trump's standing as a former commander-in-chief and the present leading contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination to challenge President Biden places him in a unique position. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is now tasked with prosecuting his potential adversary for numerous criminal offenses.

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As per a reliable source in close proximity to Mr. Trump and his recent post on his social media platform, Truth Social, it is anticipated that the former President will submit himself to the authorities on Tuesday.

In a series of posts that surfaced around 7 p.m., subsequent to being notified of the charges, Mr. Trump conveyed that his legal representatives had been informed of his indictment by the corrupt Biden Administration.

With a sense of resignation, the ex-president revealed that he had an upcoming appointment with the federal court in Miami, where he was slated to be arraigned at precisely 3 p.m. on Tuesday. In a subsequent video posted on Truth Social, Mr. Trump boldly proclaimed his innocence: "I stand before you today as a man wrongfully accused." "I am but a mere innocent soul," professed the individual.

As per the erudite Jim Trusty, the legal representative of Mr. Trump, the former president's legal team has not yet been privy to the indictment itself. However, the court summons has furnished some particulars regarding the charges, as revealed to CNN on Thursday night. Mr. Trusty brought to light purported violations of the Espionage Act, charges of making false statements, and a multitude of obstruction-based allegations. Among these, he referenced offenses under Section 1512, a legal provision that criminalizes any attempts to tamper with witnesses or otherwise impede official efforts.

According to Mr. Trusty, a conspiracy charge was also believed to be in play. However, he interjected with a discerning remark, stating that the assertion lacks biblical accuracy as he is not perusing a charging document. My gaze is fixed upon a concise and informative document. Furthermore, he asserted that the Trump legal team had not been apprised of any additional indictments.

The special counsel, Jack Smith, has recently filed an indictment against Mr. Trump, following the local prosecutors in New York who had already filed over 30 felony charges against him. This case is related to a hush payment made to a porn actress before the 2016 election.

Mr. Trump is currently the subject of an investigation by Mr. Smith's office about his extensive endeavors to maintain his hold on power after his defeat in the 2020 election. The investigation seeks to uncover the extent to which these efforts contributed to the violent siege of the Capitol by a group of fervent Trump supporters on January 6th, 2021. The district attorney's office in Fulton County, Georgia, has set its sights on scrutinizing him for possible election interference.

As per a senior official from the Biden administration, the news of the indictment was brought to the attention of the White House through various media outlets.

The public filings pertaining to the case of the document have masterfully illustrated Mr. Trump's unwavering commitment to obstructing the National Archives and Records Administration and the Justice Department in their attempts to recover a vast collection of highly classified government records. This egregious behavior persisted for over a year. During that time, Mr. Trump maintained possession of said records at his opulent Mar-a-Lago estate, a luxurious private club, and residence in the sunshine state of Florida.

Though we are privy to the fact that Mr. Trump had certain documents in his possession, such as letters from the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the true extent of the classified materials discovered at Mar-a-Lago remains in mystery. The question of whether any damage to national security was incurred due to his possession of these documents remains unanswered.

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With unwavering conviction, Mr. Trump has consistently portrayed the investigation as a malicious, politically-driven witch hunt. In recent weeks, his legal team has endeavored to highlight what they deem to be instances of prosecutorial impropriety. With the dawn of Thursday, Mr. Trump was already on the offensive, seeking to undermine the investigation by highlighting alleged improprieties committed by a member of Mr. Smith's team. This was conveyed through a post on Truth Social, where the former president has a significant following.

Mr. Trump's mishandling of official documents can be traced back to 2021 when the National Archives made a disconcerting revelation. It was discovered that the former president had not returned certain records upon his departure from office. Despite receiving persistent warnings from some of his legal advisors regarding the potentially serious consequences of disregarding the archives' requests, Mr. Trump initially exhibited reluctance in returning any material.

After lengthy discussions, Mr. Trump sent 15 boxes containing assorted materials to the archives in January of the previous year. After thoroughly examining the archives, the officials discovered a sequence of classified documents that had been covertly mixed in with the others. They expeditiously informed the Justice Department of this disconcerting revelation with a sense of urgency.

Thus began an extensive investigation into how Mr. Trump handled and safeguarded the confidential documents.

In May 2022, a significant event occurred when prosecutors issued a subpoena demanding the return of all classified documents held within the presidential office. After being served with the subpoena, Mr. Trump sought the advice of his legal representative, M. Evan Corcoran, to determine the necessity of complying with its demands. Mr. Corcoran took meticulous notes during their discussion.

In due time, Mr. Corcoran initiated a thorough investigation of Mar-a-Lago, meticulously scouring every corner and crevice in search of any item that could potentially fall within the scope of the subpoena's provisions. Subsequently, he drafted a serious affidavit affirming that all the items requested by the subpoena had been properly disclosed. In June 2022, a team of prosecutors from Washington traveled to Mr. Corcoran's Florida compound. The objective was dual in nature: to ensure compliance with a subpoena and to recover a meticulously arranged folder from the concerned gentleman. Within this folder lay a wealth of around 30 confidential documents that Mr. Corcoran discovered during his investigation.

Within a few weeks, the prosecutors discovered convincing evidence that Mr. Corcoran's search had been insufficient. This resulted in classified material being left behind, which is highly likely still present within Mar-a-Lago's premises. Utilizing their persuasive abilities, they successfully convinced a federal magistrate judge in Florida to authorize a search warrant. In August, a group of FBI agents arrived at the location and confiscated approximately 100 additional classified documents.

Despite the exhaustive efforts of the search team, the prosecution maintained a steadfast skepticism regarding the complete retrieval of the classified material from Mr. Trump's possession. Through their compelling arguments, the legal team successfully convinced the federal judge in Washington, Beryl A. Howell, to order new searches of not only Mar-a-Lago but also other valuable properties owned by Mr. Trump. The properties in question comprise the renowned Trump Tower in New York, the lavish Bedminster golf club in New Jersey, and a storage facility in West Palm Beach, Florida.


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During their cautious inquiry into the storage facility, the legal team representing Mr. Trump made a noteworthy revelation: the discovery of not one but two additional documents of an exceedingly confidential nature.

As the investigation advanced, the prosecutors made a few noteworthy breakthroughs.

In a surprising development that occurred in March, the legal team successfully persuaded Judge Howell that there was a high probability of Mr. Trump having employed the legal services of Mr. Corcoran in the perpetration of an offense. This significant decision allowed the government to bypass the usual protections of attorney-client privilege and obtain entry to Mr. Corcoran's extensive audio recordings of his exchanges with the former president.

Simultaneously, an alarming revelation surfaced that left many stunned. A recording of Mr. Trump's meeting with his aides in July of this year was uncovered, in which he fearlessly discussed a classified document regarding military tactics for dealing with Iran. According to accounts from several individuals familiar with the matter, the recording indicates that Mr. Trump regretted his inability to declassify the document while in office and acknowledged that he no longer held power to do so.

The admission appeared to conflict with one of his key defenses, which he had consistently maintained during the investigation - that he had declassified all the information he had obtained from the White House.

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What’s Next

The indictment, shrouded in secrecy, remains under seal, leaving uncertainty as to whether it will be unveiled to the public prior to its intended release.

Soon after Trump appears in court, prosecutors will begin handing over evidence to Trump’s lawyers. The arduous process of negotiating the release of pertinent documents may entail extensive exchanges spanning several years between the legal representatives of former President Trump, the esteemed U.S. National Archives and Records Administration, and federal prosecutors.

It is anticipated that, in due course, the legal representatives of Mr. Trump shall submit a motion to dismiss the case on multiple grounds, one of which being his assertion that he had declassified the documents prior to their acquisition. They will probably contend that the case ought to be dismissed on the grounds of purported misconduct by the prosecutors, which encompasses purported transgressions of a legal principle that affords individuals the right to maintain confidentiality over their communications with legal counsel.

Motions to dismiss in criminal cases are standard but rarely succeed because defendants face a high burden convincing a judge that their case is too flawed to even go before a jury. Prosecutors are also entitled to the benefit of the doubt on their factual allegations at that stage.

Trump, who has denied wrongdoing and calls the case a politically motivated “witch hunt,” has a right to face trial within 100 days, but that rarely happens in complex cases. The parties will likely agree to extend deadlines as they pore over evidence and argue legal disputes before a judge.

The realm of reality television catalyzed Trump's ascent, both in the literal sense as he garnered considerable notoriety through his role on The Apprentice, and in the figurative sense as he appeared to unconsciously mold himself into a character akin to those found on reality TV during his turbulent presidency. Despite Trump's departure from the Oval Office, reality television offers a captivating lens through which to comprehend the former president and his administration. As the inditment hearings are poised to recommence, the discourse surrounding them - particularly among those not closely following the proceedings - appears to have taken on the character of a reality show or  televised drama.

I frankly can't wait to see the season 8, episode 3 saga continue, "Facing Justice in Miami".

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                      President Trump indicted in classified document investigation



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