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Trump’s Kakistocracy Knocks Record 2,013 Points Off the Dow Jones–Record Single Day Plunge

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 03/10/2020 1:52 PM
Trump’s Kakistocracy Knocks Record 2,013 Points Off the Dow Jones–Record Single Day Plunge

After yesterday’s carnage, President Trump, has already let it be known he intends to cut social security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the food stamp program while proposing a paycheck tax cut.


A Kakistocracy is a state or society governed by its least suitable or competent citizens. President fittingly hired two college seniors to fill top posts.

President Trump has fired every credible member of his cabinet, chief of staff, national security advisor swapping competent for the incompetent in search of sycophants, true believers sacrificial willing replacements. 

List of Trump Administration Dismissals and Resignations

As the Dow Jones climbed, so did Trump’s self-esteem and illegal demands. He described himself as a very stable genius, and his delusion further transformed him into his being the appointed “chosen one.”

 Yet, like most malignant dictators, Trump has become so fearful and paranoid over the loyalty of those around him, it’s become consuming. His election and occupancy of White House will be a modern-day Shakespearian like tragedy on Broadway several years from now.

His end of the day laundry list of proposals to stimulate the economy is nothing more than an illusionary smokescreen to restore bouncy to the U.S. stock market. If he weren’t the most incompetent POTUS in history and didn’t surround himself with former lobbyists, corrupt mental incompetents, the first thing would be to unwind the vast amount of tariffs he has put in place. Then….  Rescind the endless tax cut to the top ½% and the wealthiest corporations over a five year period and seeking a ten year $2 Trillion infrastructure repair, expand and renew public transportation bipartisan bill, with legislative teeth to prevent fraud.

The stock market rally today is just another “turnaround Tuesday.”  Wednesday looks like Biden will amass big wins in what could be all five states holding Democratic primaries, and he could virtually lock-up of the Democratic nomination given the next few primaries are in states with rich delegate counts.   Beware of Thursday, Friday, and the following  Monday in the stock markets for another significant economic statement.

The coronavirus news is going to get much worse, and the impact on businesses will be traumatic. The reality of Trump’s proposals to help ease the economic pain will also become obvious ineffective in battling this emerging pandemic and resulting economic crisis.

Is the U.S. ready for a severe coronavirus outbreak?

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