Trump’s Covid-19 Plan: Risks 3 Million More American Deaths!

by James DiGeorgia | 09/16/2020 3:25 PM
Trump’s Covid-19 Plan: Risks 3 Million More American Deaths!

The stock market may be near record levels. But in no way takes into account another 3 million Covid-19 deaths in the United States. It also fails to consider that this president is so ignorant he’s ignoring the risk to the U.S. economy of his warp speed vaccine program not producing a working vaccine for several more months.


Last night’s Trump ABC News townhall event amounted to a ‘firehose of lying,’ in which the president lied over 20 times on various subjects. Yet, beyond the lies, the president revealed that he has no plan to manage and deal with the coronavirus pandemic in the United States even after knowing the incredible danger of the pandemic for over eight months.


Showing his ignorance and possible battle with dementia, President Trump attempted to make the case again that the coronavirus would disappear someday even without a vaccine because of “Herd Mentality.” 


Trump, of course, was trying to refer to “Herd Immunity,” which would almost guarantee that before the pandemic ends in the United States, as many as 3+ million Americans could die from Covid-19.   


The stark admission that he has moved from trying to manage the crises to letting it run its course at the expense of millions of lives could prove to be the turning point in this approaching election. His admissions live on ABC news will be used by the Biden for President Campaign and Democrat Senate candidates in commercials that will bombard voters during the next 49 days.


CNN’s Daniel Dale gave Trump a comprehensive and brutal fact-check after the event on many of his answers to questions posed by voters in attendance as well as by George Stephanopoulos.


An interview with CNN host Don Lemon Daniel Dale said, “There was just so much lying.” And he went on to cite example after example…

“He said Democrats won’t protect people with pre-existing conditions. That’s nonsense, as a voter told him. Democrats created those protections. He insisted he didn’t praise China on the virus; he did so repeatedly, we know that.”


Dale also pointed out that Trump “claimed” that former Vice President Joe Biden, “said, in March, that the [coronavirus] pandemic was ‘totally over-exaggerated.’” Dale pointed out...


“I can find no evidence that Biden ever said that,”

“In fact, Biden wrote an op-ed for USA Today published on January 29 and warned how dangerous the COVID-19 coronavirus was. In his op-ed, Biden warned,


“The outbreak of a new coronavirus, which has already infected more than 2700 people and killed over 80 in China, will get worse before it gets better. Cases have been confirmed in a dozen countries, with at least five in the United States. There will likely be more.”


“In other words, Biden hardly downplayed the severity of COVID-19 as Trump claimed during the September 15 townhall. The former vice president publicly warned, in a major publication, that a deadly storm was on its way.”

Dale then continued with other lies and distortions that President Trump unleashed during the townhall….

“Trump said that he fired [former Defense Secretary] James Mattis; Mattis resigned. He said that protesters took over 20% of Seattle; it was a six-block area — nowhere close to 60%…. He said he essentially repealed Obamacare by getting rid of the individual mandate — not even close to true. Medicaid expansion, pre-existing condition protections, other stuff, remains.”

CNN’s Daniel Dale added...


“He did his usual false boasts about so-called bans on travel from China and Europe; they were not complete bans. He said stocks are owned by, quote, ‘everybody’ — just about half of Americans own stocks. He repeated his nonsense about testing causing cases [of COVID-19] — testing merely reveals and helps fight cases. He said that Biden has agreed to Bernie Sanders-style socialized healthcare — [Biden] fought Sanders on that issue. [Biden] has very much not agreed to a Sanders-style plan. And Don, this is a preliminary list…. There was just a fire-hose of lying from the president.”


                         Voter to President Trump: Let me finish, sir

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