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Trump’s Business Empire is “The Target Of Every Ambitious New York U.S. Attorney.”

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 12/02/2018 4:33 PM
Trump’s Business Empire is “The Target Of Every Ambitious New York U.S. Attorney.”

A longtime close friend of Michael Cohen predicts Trump will not run for re-election and disclosures so far are Just the tip of the iceberg” and his legal troubles will NOT end when he leaves office.


By James DiGeorgia

Donny Deutsch, a well regarded New York-based marketing and advertising executive and frequent CNBC political analyst, has also been friends with President Trump’s former personal fixer and attorney Michael Cohen for many years.  Mr. Deutsch expressed this Wednesday on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House" his belief that his friend's plea deal with special counsel Robert Mueller is a key turning point.

Cohen’s testimony revealed that Donald Trump was directly involved in his presidential campaign’s covert dealings with the Russian government to get himself elected President. Deutsch described the revelations regarding Trump  

"This is the tip of the iceberg,"

"I've said this all along. Donald Trump could not get money once he was bankrupted in the 90s, other than Deutsche Bank. The money was coming from Russia. Once he's out of office, this is not gonna stop either. Every ambitious U.S. Attorney in New York is not gonna stop until they take this empire apart. This is not just the beginning of the end of his presidency — I think he will not re-run, I don't think he'll get impeached — but once that's done, you're going to see his entire organization, his entire life, his entire fortune picked apart, because nobody is bigger than the house. He tried to play the house; he tried to say 'our judicial system doesn't matter, our intelligence system doesn't matter, the media doesn't matter, the military doesn't matter.' Nobody beats the house."

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Deutsch went on to say he had spoken to Cohen recently, and said that Michael Cohen

 "Feels like a different man. He feels like; he knows he's made mistakes. But he feels that this, in some ways, starts to almost, you know, rebuilding his image, that, and history will look at him more as a John Dean than the other guys."

"Beyond saving himself and saving his family, there is a big difference between all the other people that have turned or don't turn on Trump."

Deutsch pointed out that this is a very personal situation much like a "husband, or a wife, or your best friend" turning on you. Cohen feels he was "duped" into supporting Trump both as a president and in a professional relationship because he had been so "immersed" in Trump's own identity.

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