Trump's Anti-Vaccine Stance: Stupidy Driven GOP Genocide

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 07/13/2021 4:03 PM
Trump's Anti-Vaccine Stance: Stupidy Driven GOP Genocide

Virtually everyone dying from Covid-19 in the United States is those who have refused to be vaccinated. The vast majority of them also believe everything disgraced former president Trump tells them.


The pure insanity of disgraced former president Donald J. Trump still preaching hydroxychloroquine as a preventive and or cure for Covid-19 is insane. Even more looney toons are his encouragement of who is listening to Trump and his legions of anti-vaxers and have yet to get the vaccinations like for example, Olivia Guidry, a registered nurse in the emergency department at Ochsner Lafayette

A Louisiana nurse who questioned the safety of the Covid-19 vaccines developed thanks in part to "operation warp-speed" has now died of complications related to the COVID-19 infection – a death tied directly to the Trump/GOP death cult.

Guidry died Saturday after being hospitalized for the coronavirus in the intensive care unit, reported The Advocate.

A colleague of hers, Nick Berthelot, posted on Facebook…

"Today is a sad day for my ER family and me…Your contagious laugh and smile will truly be missed Liv. Until we meet again sweet girl."

While Coronavirus deaths have decreased dramatically in Louisiana since last year, the fact is thanks to the anti-vax rhetoric spread by Trump and his legions of morons, the state has seen a recent increase that experts blame on its low vaccination rate of 36%, compared with about 50% nationally. Guidry questioned their safety on her own social media account.

"This vaccine has been released using recombinant DNA technology faster than any vaccine in the world," Guidry posted on July 26, 2020. "It manipulates your DNA at the tiniest molecular level. Do. Not. Get. It. It's not safe."

Guidry also questioned pandemic safety measures and retweeted another account calling coronavirus tests fake on Twitter July 11, 2020…

"Am I the only one thinking they are trying to see how much they can control us???" "We are a straight-up social experiment."

The vaccines are made with messenger RNA, which is found in all living cells and does not combine with DNA to change recipients' genetic code, and the shots are considered safe and effective protection against the deadly virus.

Both of Guidry's parents are currently ill with the coronavirus. They and millions of others refusing to get vaccinated who will get Covid-19 are beginning to overwhelm hospitals in the cluster zones. In states like Lousiana and Tennesse, the death toll will have little impact on the possible 2022 mid-year election results.  In a state like Missouri, where the virus is running rampant a massive death toll as a result of the GOP/Trump death cult, the statewide and even congressional election results could be devastating in 2022 and allow the Democrats running to win and add to the existing Democrat majority in Congress.

A death cult that kills its members and contributors like the GOP via its deadly rhetoric could find that its corporate and large healed contributor's membership dwindles by the increasing reports of deaths suffered by Olivia Guidry. Not that that would stop the fanaticism of their followers. As Forrest Gump would say… "stupid is as stupid does."


                     Report: 99% of COVID deaths are unvaccinated people



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