Trumps 2020 Budget Proposal Calls for Major Spending Cuts and Sacrifice

by James DiGeorgia | 03/13/2019 3:29 PM
Trumps 2020 Budget Proposal Calls for Major Spending Cuts and Sacrifice

Donald J. Trump has no problem breaking his iron-clad election promises. His proposal to cut American Institutionalized “third rail” programs will destroy his re-election chances and put the control of the U.S. Senate back in the hands of Democrats.


By James DiGeorgia

The Democrats that win the nomination for their party, for President, Senate House of Representatives, as well as state offices around the country, were handed a commanding advantage when President signed off on his 2020 budget. President Trump wants to cut all three programs and make it impossible to eliminate, write off student loan debt.

In asking for these cuts, President Trump will find himself losing millions of votes he received in 2016, and increasing the turnout of Democrat and Independent voters against his re-election between the ages of 18-75+. It’s also likely to discourage 5% to 8% of Republican voters from voting for his re-election, among those who voted in 2016. This, of course, would be catastrophic for the Republican ballot in key states including Pennsylvania, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Georgia, Florida Arizona, Nevada, and even Texas.

For a President who won the electoral college by 77,000+ votes in 2016 and facing indictment and trial by both Federal and New York State authorities when his term in office expires, the decision to cut these three extremely popular ‘safety net” programs is political suicide.   While doing so, he is giving the middle finger to millennials and others being financially strangled to death by student loans.

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One can only imagine that on the day of the inauguration discovering President Trump is nowhere to be found.  Moreover, he’s taken refuge in Russia under Vladimir Putin’s protection. He will, however, have already seen all of his business and personal assets frozen and put under a receivership as a result of his companies being indicted long before he leaves office by a New York Court.

Eric Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and other Trump sycophants that broke Federal and New York State laws could also see their monies frozen as well. Their wives including Trump Junior's wife could also see their assets frozen. 

We at Wall Street Rebel believe the greatest threat to all of Trump’s isn’t Robert Mueller or the SDNY. The biggest threat to them is the NY State Attorney General Letitia James, and the Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance, Jr.  Both are capable of freezing virtually every penny Trump, his family and conspirators have.

Both New York Attorney General Letitia James and Manhattan District Atorney Vance, Jr. could also indict President Trump and argue that while DOJ policy puts in question whether President Trump can be indicted while in office, the policy is not a law and New York City law enforcement has no such policy constraint. In other words, they can indict President Trump while he’s still in office.

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Less than an hour ago, New York State charged Paul Manafort with 16 crimes including Mortgage fraud, and 16 other felonies that he has yet to be charged. This is a checkmate move by A.G. Letitia James. If convicted of these 16 crimes President Trump would be unable to pardon his former campaign manager. It may wind up also being the last straw that breaks Manafort of any hope of getting out of jail alive unless he comes clean on his connections with the Russian Oligarchs, their henchmen, and the Trump campaign.

No matter what President Donald J. Trump says or does the indictment of Paul Manafort and soon others in his family and business circle will be told by any competent lawyer that he and they are looking at a long prison sentence in New York State.

How bad could the election go for the GOP? They could lose Kansas, once considered the most conservative state in the union. His attack on Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid amounts to pure insanity when 66% of the American public is against building the wall, and 58% of those polled recently believe he broke laws before he became president.

Our advice to the Democrat Party, every time he speaks out calling “Fake News, No Collusion, and Socialism” is to say…

 “President Trump is a compulsive liar who promised he would not cut Medicare, Social Security, and Medicaid. He also promised to provide better health insurance for less money – instead, he took insurance coverage away from millions. He pledged to raise taxes on rich people like him; he instead cut the richest earners taxes by a trillion dollars a year -- forever. He promised to cut the Federal Debt and put a plan in motion to eliminate it; it’s now rising faster than ever so multi-billionaires can amass even more wealth. Donald J. Trump is a believer in corporate socialism and Kleptocracy when it applies to billionaires. His avoidance of taxes and taking corporate socialist hand-outs while the United States was at war overseas; our bravest were being wounded and killed in action makes him the biggest liar and worst President in History.”

Paul Manafort would do well to come 100% clean and tell Special Councilor Mueller, Letitia James, and Cy Vance everything he knows, or he will die in a filthy disgusting prison in New York State. The seven years he was sentenced to in Federal prison will be meaningless if he winds up sentenced to another 7 to 20 years in New York State.   

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