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Trump Threatens to ‘Close Down’ Twitter Over Fact-Checking

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/27/2020 3:19 PM
Trump Threatens to ‘Close Down’ Twitter Over Fact-Checking

President Donald Trump went full unabashed fascist on Wednesday when he threatened to “close down” any social media companies like Twitter and Facebook if they don’t stop fact-checking his posts and tweets.


If there were any doubt that President of the United States is a fascist, they should have been dispelled by his Tweet yesterday …

“Republicans feel that Social Media Platforms totally silence conservatives voices…We will strongly regulate, or close them down before we can ever allow this to happen.”

The right to free speech doesn’t just belong to President Trump. It is also guaranteed to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media companies and the hundred million who use the platform.

Trump’s asserting that these companies policing their platforms to prevent racists, fascists, criminals, and Russian’s from spewing propaganda and providing commentary remains a U.S. Constitution1st Amendment right. 

Live 42% longer and still eat loads of cheese, breads, and rich desserts? Anyone making the threats to kill both the free press and the ability of social media to alert its members to ridiculous lies is repeating the mistakes that have to lead to the worst dictatorships in human history. Destroying the line between truth, propaganda, and lies are the key ingredient in building a dictatorship. Joseph Goebbels knew this and used this powerful strategy to put Hitler in power, which led to 75 million people dying in World War II.

Trump began his disinformation scheme back in 2011 when he jumped in on a daily bases on Twitter to accuse President Obama of not being born in Hawaii and of being an illegitimate President.

The facts are at the core of President Trump’s latest threats to the FREE PRESS and FREE SPEECH and being driven by the fear of losing the upcoming election and then being forced to face civil and criminal prosecutions. The danger is heightened by the reality that he is a pathological liar and sociopath who suffers from the worst case of Narracistic Personality Disorder many compare to that sustained by Hitler, Stalin, Franco, and Mussolini.

The President’s threat to shut down and regulate Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms is a page torn from the Communist Chinese playbook. Don’t let your citizens determine the truth; instead, Trump wants to impose his constant non-stop alternative facts and realities as the gospel truth.

With now over 100,000 dead from the coronavirus pandemic, we finally have the answer to what people had to lose by voting for him in 2016. They’ll lose their freedom of free speech, their right to vote, and if you’re over 65, he’s willing to sacrifice your life.

His announcement that Medicare and Medicaid recipients will not have to pay a deductible for insulin shows his evil deception. While saving seniors and the poor on these programs $5 to $15 a month, he and his administration are behind the scenes looking to cut both social programs. Yes, I’ll save you from paying $5 to $15 co-pay, while he throws you off the program or increases your out of pocket expenses by 100%, 200% even 300%—just the kind of shell game every fascist play. 

By Election Day, we may end up with as many as 350,000 dead in the United States from the pandemic. Trump’s failure to behave like a genuine U.S. President discouraging the wearing of face masks with a consequence that will lead to an unnecessary avalanche of  U.S. citizens being infected. We’re looking at 500,000 deaths by the second and third wave of the coronavirus that turns into deadly COVID-19.

If he can strip U.S. citizens of their 1st Amendment rights by Executive Order, we will lose this Democratic Republic of its Bill of Rights and set the stage for the concentration and death camps needed to fulfill his goal of becoming America’s first dictator. Am I too harsh or paranoid?

No, and the evidence is too real to ignore.

Trump fully supports Couy Griffin, who is an anti-lockdown activist who is currently the head of “Cowboys for Trump “organization.

In recent days Couy Griffin has publicly called for not only the lynching and murder of Democratic United States Governors who he accuses of “treason,” but is on record as saying ‘The Only Good Democrat is a Dead Democrat.”

I am a Northeast United States homegrown Republican.  I voted for Ronald Reagan, George H. Bush, and adored John McCain.  I could not support a President that invents fake conspiracies faster than a veteran short story paperback writer. This President is not a Republican in any sense of the word. He lacks the intellectual capability of even understanding the U.S. Constitution, much less protecting it.

His fascism, ignorance, and prejudice will either lead to the collapse of our Republic we as Americans fought to achieve with our blood or the horrible polarization of the people of the United States for decades to come.   America has not seen such polarization since the Civil War. This time, the argument isn’t about slavery; the argument is about ideology.  We are the United States of America, the interaction of all peoples.  That is what makes use great. We are not like the Russian or China; we are a united people of diversified creeds, races, religions and colors.

The virus has struck a growing polarized and increasingly fragmented society caused by extreme right wing conservatism agenda.  I understand there are 45% of Americans that see this as the perfect utopia. But this is the United States of America where all people should be counted. We have a president that seeks his own personal utopia and is willing to sacrifice American lives and undermine the U.S. Constitution to get what benefits him, his family and his business empire. American lives are expendable; including conservative lives to achieve his goal. These factors, along with the Trump administration’s failures to take the threat of the virus seriously when it first emerged, placed the United States in a awkward and poor position to battle against COVID-19. We are the strongest country and people on the planet, but our federal leadership wasn't there to lead us to implement that  strength.  This is not a liberal or conservative statement.  Just look your window introspectively without blinders and see what there is to see.   This is a Donald J. Trump moment.

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