Trump Threatens Catastrophic October U.S. Government Shutdown – 30 Days Ahead Of Mid-Term Elections

by James Digeorgia | 07/30/2018 4:00 PM
Trump Threatens Catastrophic October U.S. Government Shutdown – 30 Days Ahead Of Mid-Term Elections

[Tweet: President Trump]

CNN's Phil Mattingly reported that budget talks were the main topic when President Trump met with House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell last week.

The Speaker and Senate Majority leader told the President that so far, negotiations with Democrats are going well but did not say to him that the success of the talks and his getting money for his Wall are entirely dependent on passing the proposed solution for dreamers and other immigration compromises at the same time to secure bipartisan bill.

Trump’s response to Ryan’s and McConnell’s face to face request that he doesn’t threaten to let U.S government shutdown showed up via his Twitter account… another government shutdown threat.

 CNN’s Mattingly reported....


"One of the pitches McConnell made was, you don't want to step on the Kavanaugh nomination since that should be around the time he gets confirmed."

Amusingly Mattingly went on to say Sunday morning that said sources told him the President seemed open to that argument. "But," Mattingly warned, "everything can change based on a tweet."

Sure enough, after Phil Mattingly’s report on CNN President Trump tweeted, he "would be willing to 'shut down' the government" unless Democrats give in to his demands on immigration. believes this President is capable and willing to impose as much economic damage as possible to force the construction of his Wall but hasn’t considered the timeline. Not only about the Kavanaugh nomination. The President seemingly is ignoring the that by October, Special prosecutor Mueller will have released his anticipated report to the Deputy Attorney General, and may have announced some criminal indictments that could cripple Trump’s Presidency even more than it's weakened than it is today.

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