Trump Taking Comparisons to Jesus Christ Way Too Seriously… Rages at Evangelical Christianity Today

by James DiGeorgia | 12/23/2019 10:35 AM
Trump Taking Comparisons to Jesus Christ Way Too Seriously… Rages at Evangelical Christianity Today

Trump shows he has no understanding of Christ’s teachings insisting that millions of Evangelicals who support him follow into the abyss of his immorality. 

Not a single GOP member of the House of Representatives rose to argue that President Trump is a good man or  Christian despite some comparing his impeachment to the trial and crucifixion of Jesus. Trump's adultery, greed, lack of charity, dishonesty should turn off every true Christian, Jew, Muslim, or  Humanist. His claim to be the ‘Chosen One’ is pure blasphemy.

This weekend his Twitter attack on Christianity Today over its scathing, moralistic call for his removal from the Office of President over the Ukraine scandal serves to prove the little regard he places on Jesus’s teaching and has reignited the questions as to why so many millions of American Evangelical Christians continue to remain loyal to what The Washington Post described …

“The most hateful, depraved, self-dealing, and self-aggrandizing individual to occupy The Oval Office in modern history.”

How could any devote Evangelical support a President who would scold criticism of his moral failings by erupting…  

“How dare you criticize me, after all the power I’ve granted to your movement? You’re breaking our deal, and now you’re dead to me.”

The Washington Post responds to Trump’s response to the evangelical magazine founded by Reverend Billy Graham, with the simple question of why is he responding to the criticism…

 “…with an argument that is thoroughly transactional and megalomaniacal.”

The answer is easy. Trump is a pseudo Christian, a false messiah who we have been warned about for centuries.

He’s become so irrational he resembles ancient Rome’s Caligula and appears on his way to declaring himself a god. The ancient Emperor Caligula referred to himself as a god when meeting with politicians and he was referred to as "Jupiter" on occasion in public documents. How far are we from this scenario with a man who refers to himself as the Chosen One? 

[Image 2]

 The Washington Post opinion piece is a must-read.

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