Trump Suicidal Campaign Rallies Spreading COVID-19 Across US

by James DiGeorgia | 07/06/2020 1:34 PM
Trump Suicidal Campaign Rallies Spreading COVID-19 Across US

As President Donald Trump prepares to hold an outdoor rally Saturday in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, several of his staffers and U.S. Secret Service Agents have tested positive with coronavirus from his political rallies, both large and small. Kimberly Guilfoyle, Donald Trump Jr’s girlfriend, tested positive for the novel coronavirus over the weekend shortly before President Donald Trump delivered a speech at Mount Rushmore.


The New York Post is reporting both Guilfoyle and Trump Jr. recently attended a “maskless” party at the Hampton's on Long Island, and that attendees are “freaking out” over the news of her COVID-19 infection...

“Page Six revealed on June 29 that the couple was the guests of honor at a Bridgehampton house party that looked ‘as if COVID-19 had never happened.” 

“Our spy said there were about 100 maskless partiers, including Ramona Singer, at the outdoor event, held on the roof of the 51 Sandpiper Lane mansion, hosted by famed Hampton’s builder Joe Farrell.”

With this news and reports of members of Trump’s campaign staff and secret service agents coming down with COVID-19 infections, CNN’s John Berman on Monday marveled at how President Donald Trump intends to continue to stage more campaign rallies.

During a CNN panel discussion that included Harvard Global Health Institute Director Dr. Ashish Jha and CNN host Dana Bash, Berman pointed out the Trump’s campaign is scheduling a rally in New Hampshire this Saturday, even though the administration’s own guidelines are warning against large gatherings in enclosed spaces where social distancing is impossible. Bash remarked to Berman’s point by saying…

“That is, again, just like several other events that we’ve seen put on by the White House or the campaign, Exhibit A of what the president’s own government is begging people not to do.”

Berman responded by saying the Trump campaign itself seems to be a super spreader for COVID-19, as it has held rallies in hot spots across the United States.

“It’s a traveling coronavirus roadshow from the Trump campaign right now around the country,”

“If you look at where it has been and the damage left in its wake, whether it be Tulsa, Phoenix, and now in Montana as well.”

    Trump's campaign is a 'traveling COVID roadshow'

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