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Trump Runs Out of Cash: Pulls All His Florida Campaign Ads!

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 10/27/2020 8:31 PM
Trump Runs Out of Cash: Pulls All His Florida Campaign Ads!

Bloomberg reports that President Trump's campaign is so broke and shows no signs of getting a loan from the President that the campaign to re-elect Trump has been forced to go dark in Florida.

We’ve got much more money than we had last time….Double...Triple -  IF WE NEED IT I'LL PUT IT UP PERSONALLY!


Without Florida, President Trump's re-election chances are less than 5%, yet without winning Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio and Pennsylvania, President Trump has zero chance of being re-elected. 

With almost no money on hand, the Trump campaign has been forced to shift what little cash resources it has left from Florida to the "industrial northern states" that carried Trump to victory in 2016.

The only problem with that decision Trump has just destroyed any chance he has of winning Florida while not improving his chances of winning in Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania.

In the last seven days of his re-election campaign, Trump focuses all his energy and available cash on the battleground states of — where polls show he's behind up to 9 points down to Joe Biden. His best chance of winning a single state in the region known throughout the country -- as the rest belt is Ohio.

In many ways, Trump's re-election looks more and more like Jimmy Carter's futile effort in 1980. The map has run out of options, and the bank account is stuck on empty.

The Bloomberg report on this latest pull out, surrender by the Trump campaign is supported by the numbers. Since the beginning of the fall campaign that started on Labor Day, President Trump has shaved 24 million from his national ad budget while Joe Biden has added a whopping $197 million. Also, Biden has outspent Trump three-to-one over that same period.

Read the full report over at Bloomberg.


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