Trump Pushes Sen. Graham's Threats of Riots and Mass Street Violence

by Wall Street Rebel - Michael London | 08/29/2022 5:02 PM
Trump Pushes Sen. Graham's Threats of Riots and Mass Street Violence

Lyndsey Graham's threats of riots in the streets by Trump supporters if he is indicted for any crimes he is being investigated for in multiple jurisdictions. Morning Joe calls out the threat of violence.


On Friday, President Biden called out the semi-fascist movement gripping the Republican Party to the applause of Americans across the country that are concerned that the existence of tour Democracy is being threatened. Benito Mussolini and Adolph Hitler both destroyed Italy's and Germany's democracies to establish one party, fascist rule, via riots and violence.

While President Biden was ratcheting up his warnings about the threat presented by the former defeated ex-President, one of his minions warned that if Trump were arrested and charged with any crimes, the country would descend into riots and mass violence.

Trump took a video and sent a film clip that included his warning/threat. Then the former president demanded that he be declared the "rightful winner" of the 2020 election during a new attack on the FBI.


              Lindsey Graham raises eyebrows with 'riots' claim on Fox


This prompted MSNBC's Joe Scarborough this morning to call out Graham's and other Republicans' hypocrisy on rioting…

"Yeah, you know he said he was off the Trump train and stepped off after Jan. 6, after those riots. He cared about the riots until three people, and a hound dog chased him in Washington National Airport, then he got right back on the train. It's fascinating that he talks about riots. I don't have a really good memory, I can't remember, but I think we had riots on Jan. 6, and when you had leaders trying to get people like Lindsey Graham to support an investigation into those riots, he had no interest in that, had no interest in investigating those riots."

Scarborough continued.

"But now, he is worried about riots in the future, coming from Republicans, coming from his party, coming from Donald Trump supporters? Again, the irony is so rich; these people that talked about riots, Black Lives Matter riots, it's all they talk about. Seriously, it acts as if there were no peaceful marches at all -- riots, riots, it's all they talk about. Yet they're fine when Trump riots are putting democracy at risk and trying to overturn an election result. Lindsey is even fine threatening riots, saying, you know, Trump supporters will riot in the streets, there will be violence if he is held to account if he broke the law."

Joe Scarborough sternly called the threats coming from GOP lawmakers dangerous, and he warned Trump supporters they would suffer the same fate as Jan. 6, 2021 rioters if they took to the streets to commit violence to protest criminal prosecution.

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"Lindsey, if you are trying to stir up Republican riots, if you think Republicans are going to riot in the street, Republicans are going to riot in the street, and they're not above the law,"

"They'll be arrested. They'll go through the same thing people who listened to Donald Trump on Jan. 6 are going through. If you break the law, you're held to account. If the answer to Republicans threatening violence on the FBI, the answer to Republicans threatening violence in the streets. It's not backing down. It's holding those people accountable, just like you hold Donald Trump accountable if they break the law."

Joe Scarborough went on to say….

 "If these Republicans were true leaders and the true focus was the United States of America and was serving our country, they would lead and say, when someone has done something wrong when someone has threatened our democracy, when top-secret documents that threaten our nation and lives are being stolen from our U.S. government, from our country, one must be held to account."


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