Trump Proves He’s Delusional with Georgia New Defense

by James DiGeorgia Opinion | 04/10/2023 1:53 PM
Trump Proves He’s Delusional with Georgia New Defense

The next step in a two-step process to indict former President Donald J. Trump and at least 12 of his sycophants begins in the first few days in May when a Georgia grand jury takes up the Fulton, County special grand jury’s report and its indictment recommendations. Trump is panicked and knows he’s in deep trouble.


The walls continue to close in on former President Trump and his minions and he’s looking for an viable excuse to defend his “perfect phone” that caught his attempt to interfere and illegally overturn the 2020 election results in Georgia. He offered as a trial balloon a defense of the one of at least two phone calls he made to Georgia elected officials Brad Raffensperger saying that the Secretary of State didn’t admonish him for the call. See a Trump's recent post on Truth Social...

“Just like New York, the Racist District Attorney in Atlanta, who presides over one of the most deadly and violent jurisdictions in the U.S. (and does nothing about it!), is having an impossible time showing that my ‘PERFECT’ phone call was bad, when none of the many lawyers on the call interjected that I was saying something wrong or improper — Not even a word of admonishment. They never hung up or said ‘how dare you.’ That’s because, as everyone knows, there was nothing wrong with the call!”

Raffensperger took a few moments to respond to Trump’s insistence that he help Trump “find 11,711 votes” by insisting the former President Trump had faulty information.

Raffensperger ignored the threat that he and his lawyer on the phone also during the call would be committing a “serious crime” not retabulating the election result.

In both instances, Raffensperger knew the call was being recorded and understood he was not a lawyer. All he could do is tell Trump he was being given faulty information.

Trump trying to claim Raffensperger not objecting to his requests or pointing out he was committing at least two felonies was an implicit acknowledgment that what Trump was doing, wasn’t criminal is absurd. Trump talked him in to at least two felony counts and is desperate to get out of the Georgia’s criminal quicksand.   

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