Trump Promised Not To Cut Medicare, Another Mendacious lie!

by James DiGeorgia | 03/12/2019 2:14 PM
Trump Promised Not To Cut Medicare, Another Mendacious lie!

The number of times President Trump has been caught lying on video, and sound recordings just jumped again. During the 2016 presidential campaign, he repeatedly said that he was the “only Republican that wouldn’t cut Medicare and Social Security. Another mendacious lie!


By James DiGeorgia

At this point anyone arguing President Trump isn’t a pathological liar is delusional. He repeatedly promised during his campaign that he would raise taxes on “rich people like me.” Instead, he gave the mega-wealthy ½%, people like him and cut the taxes the wealthiest corporations a $1 Trillion a year tax cut forever. Now to offset the enormous cuts he intends to cut Medicare by $840 billion a year.

Alt:[Twitter Image: Twitter Trump on Medicare]

The GOP has been determined to kill Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security for decades. Trump painted himself as the one Republican that would not cut these three extremely popular programs. Now he’s proposing Medicare and Medicaid cuts that would help him raise the money he needs to build his southern wall on the Mexico border. A border wall that he promised Mexico would pay for and that 66% of the American people don’t want.

His fiscal 2020 proposal unveiled yesterday proposes deep cuts in Medicare and Medicaid that together will exceed $1 Trillion. Cutting Medicare has long considered the third rail of American politics; the GOP used the false threat that Obamacare would cut Medicare Benefits in 2010 which was a gross exaggeration that fooled many Americans into voting to wrestle control of the House of Representatives away from the Democrats. Consider Donald Trump’s lie back on August 16. 2012 which he repeated over and over right through the 2016 election

Alt:[Twitter Image: Twitter Trump on Medicare]

Trump and the GOP are focusing their 2020 election message on the dangers on Socialism while they have sold control of the country to America’s richest ½% and wealthiest corporations. Socialism is good for the ultra-rich; it’s God's plan. Trump and the GOP believe that taking away Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security is God’s plan. Just ask Chris Salcedo who has hate-filled, truth deprived TV show, on NewsMaxTV who argued this morning that liberals worship the government, not god.

Chris Salcedo is just one of many on conservative TV that like President Trump lies and misrepresents the truth to sell advertising to the slimiest business that is focused on marketing to the dumbest of America’s voters.

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Chris Salcedo, NewsMaxTV and the other conservative media echo chambers fail to recognize that the GOP managed to kick off millions of Americans from healthcare. Also, they attempted to doom 60+ million Americans with pre-existing conditions by killing Obamacare (Affordable Care Act).  This cowardly act likely led to the 40+ seat loss in the House of Representatives last year. Despite Trump repeatedly taking the position and promising to provide “better health insurance for less, and proclaiming it will be so easy to accomplish.”

Lying has become an art form for President Trump, his crime family, and crooked administration. His lies, however, will come home to roost.

There are no GOP Jewish Congress members; there are no GOP Jewish U.S. Senators and the vast amounts of Jews in America know Donald J. Trump and the GOP have become the Neo-Nazi and White Nationalist and have ignored White Racist Terrorism that has dramatically increased since Trump took the oath.

President Trump’s decision to even propose $845 Billion cut to Medicare is the end of any chance to be re-elected. Labor Unions, Senior Citizens, College educated voters are going to destroy him in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Nevada, Arizona, and Florida. Just look at the immediate seizure of this Trump lie has been none stop on Twitter (see below).

Every time the GOP accuses the Democrats as being Anti-Israel and being Socialists the Democrats will wind up taking back both the U.S. Senate and the White house will zoom in on Medicare, Healthcare, Social Security and the corporate social state that will destroy our Democracy.

Alt:[Twitter Image: Twitter Trump on Medicare]
Alt:[Twitter Image: Twitter Trump on Medicare]

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