Trump Predicts United States Will Not Exist in 2-3 Years

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 09/15/2021 1:41 PM
Trump Predicts United States Will Not Exist in 2-3 Years

Trump followers, including GOP lawmakers, are following a mentally ill man who is so narcissistic and desperate to stay out of jail he is willing to lie, cheat, steal and commit treason.


As more information comes out about the events leading up and in the aftermath of January 6, 2021, Capital insurrection, it is becoming crystal clear that the former twice impeached, the disgraced president, was and is insane.  So much so that the Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff General Mark Milley was concerned Trump might start a war and use nuclear weapons.

General Milley’s concern was so great he actually called his counterpart in China to make sure the Chinese government knew that the U.S. government and its military were stable and had no intention of attacking China. The Chinese government and the army seeing the January 6,  2021 insurrection unfolding in Washington D.C., being under constant verbal attack by the former President for unleashing Covid-19 on the United States, and seeing Trump’s mental instability, were growing concerned over being attacked.

General Milley’s reaching out to his Chinese counterpart was a prudent and normal action. It’s likely he also reached out to his counterpart in Russia in the same way. General Milley’s goal was to ensure that no accidental military conflicts would be triggered.

The disclosure of Milley’s conversation with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi confirmed her fear that the former President was mentally ill. Pelosi called Trump “crazy,” to which the General ultimately agreed.

Now out of the office of the President and already running for the 2024 Presidency, Trump is telegraphing that he will do everything to stay out of jail, including anything he can to spark a civil war within the United States.

In a crazy rant during a telephone interview on NewsMax on September 14, 2020, he predicted that the United States would no longer exist in 2-3 years. This has long been the goal of far-right neo-nazi, white nationalists, and white supremacists.

Last night he came out and called General Milley a traitor who should be fired and indicted.

Trump’s hatred of democracy was made clear on January 6 and in his refusal to accept the 2020 election results. It’s clear now, thanks to the new book titled “Peril” written by Bob Woodward and Robert Costa, that the former President was attempting a right-wing coup by setting up the Capitol insurrection. Trump intended to stop the electoral count and force the election result to be determined by the House of Representatives.

Either the Biden-Garland Department of Justice takes action and puts down Trump’s sedition and brings him to justice, or we could be looking at the end of our republic and democracy in the 2-3 years that Trump predicted.


                      Donald Trump has MENTAL BREAKDOWN in Newsmax Interview




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