Trump Organization Loses New York State Lawsuit

by James DiGeorgia | 12/16/2020 10:36 AM
Trump Organization Loses New York State Lawsuit

Every shady step President Trump takes brings him closer to seeing his three oldest children, himself and many of his supporters criminally indicted in New York State.


Trump is out for revenge. Russian state media is taking great joy in the narrative that Trump is “burning down the United States on his way out of power,” and Russia should consider offering him, his family and other perpetrators political asylum. Trump may get his tower in Moscow yet.

While he was licking his wounds from his Electoral College defeat, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell finally recognized Joseph Biden as the President-elect. A New York  State Judge was handing the President yet another legal shite-sandwich defeat. 

This time a New York judge, it turns out, ruled the Trump Organization has to immediately make documents about a specific property and the tax abatements related to it available to the New York attorney general’s office.

Trump and his minions trying to squelch New York State Attorney General subpoenas’ for the Trump Organization records had the corrupt audacity to claim his business records are protected to attorney-client privilege openly. A Trump attorney argued that his company had…

“Every expectation that those communications would be confidential.”

An attorney from the New York State Attorney General Letitia James office responded to the claim of executive privilege by pointing out Trump had “waived privilege” to “gain benefit” from the IRS in submitting documents to the financial agency for tax purposes.

This gives another tantalizing morsel of the danger approaching Trump as the days of the calendrer fall away. is in and why he’s willing to do anything to keep himself from being a private citizen again.

The New York  State Attorney General is proving good for her word that they will investigate and prosecute if the evidence shows the Trump Organization systematically over decades has lied about the values of its properties to prevent what could cost Trump $100 million. Trump’s former fixer Michael Cohen instigated the investigation and testified about the company's compromizing property valuations in 2019.

The intensity of the investigations by New York state and Manhattan DA is becoming clear. As a result, his only viable solution for getting out of the rock and a hard place Trump finds himself in is a pardon from New York’s Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Despite his desperate need for a pardon, Trump has been doing what he could do possible, making that impossible.  The situation appears to worsen today as President Donald Trump learned today that his Trump Organization lost another lawsuit in New York State. That will make it impossible to keep critical records out of the reach of New York’s attorney general Letitia James.

CNN reporter Shimon Prokupecz reported via tweet today that yet another court ruled against Trump in his ongoing refusal to hand over documents to the New York Attorney General….

“Trump Organization must turn over documents requested by the New York Attorney General, court rules. The AG argued that the documents were not privileged because the Trump Organization had ‘waived privilege’ when it disclosed certain documents to the IRS to ‘gain benefit.'”

The Supreme Court of the United States has been sitting on a case for months over whether Trump and his businesses will have to turn over records to prosecutors in New York. That case becomes dead the moment Trump leaves office. He will no longer have the protection of being a sitting President. At this point, Trump’s only hopes are becoming a dictator or getting a pardon from Andrew Cuomo to escape what appears to be a tortuous series of criminal indictments. 

Trump will continue to raise money from supporters who buy the argument that he is being persecuted.  His claim he is being persecuted for his politics, but that will do little to save him, his three oldest children and his son in law from the reach of New York’s Attorney General and the Manhattan DA’s office that are gearing up to unleash a torrent of legal actions and investigations into Trump, his businesses.

Trump’s legal troubles don’t end in New York. Washington, D.C., is also all over the Trump Organization. For more on that investigation, see the video below.



%code%1                      How DC is Building its Case Against the Trump Org.|The Mehdi Hasan Show



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