Trump Now Claims 15M Votes Were Not Counted in 2020 Election

by Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia | 09/09/2021 11:18 AM
Trump Now Claims 15M Votes Were Not Counted in 2020 Election

With criminal investigations in New York, Georgia, and Washington D.C. all heating up and scores of civil suits, former President Trump is being bankrupted by the massive legal expenses.  So, running for President in 2024 will allow him to grift a couple of hundred million dollars from his supporters for his political action committee (PAC). All he needs is to push a few lies that will motivate the tens of millions of his supporters to empty their wallets.


Politico reported Tuesday…

"With a flurry of activity from his main political committee and hints dropped in private conversations with confidants and advisers, Donald Trump is signaling a heightened interest in reclaiming the White House — and laying the necessary groundwork to do it,"

"Perhaps more revealing, less than a month ago the PAC announced it hired two top operatives from Iowa dedicated to 'advancing Save America's goals of electing strong, pro-Trump, America First conservatives.' The Iowa staffers also serve another purpose; Trump advisers say: they can keep an eye on the other potential Republican presidential candidates flooding the first-in-the-nation caucus state."

Aaron Blake of The Washington Post has reported on Wednesday that he has sent two emails to reporters only 2 minutes apart.

The first email announced Trump's plan for his first rally in Iowa on October 9, 2021, at the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines.

The second email featured a subject line reading…"We. Cannot. Trust. Mail. In Ballots." In this email, Trump wrote…

"This is a very sad day for the more than 75 MILLION Americans who voted for the 15 MILLION Americans whose ballots were not counted and me."

Trump, who received 74,224,319 votes, is now counting the 15 million unreturned ballots as uncounted ballots, according to Washington Post's Blake.

Another new lie he premiered on Newsmax on Tuesday is the completely unfounded and unproven conspiracy theory that the California recall election is "probably rigged."

Trump said of Democrats…

"The one thing they're good at is rigging elections, so I predicted a rigged the election."

Given the extensive laws passed by Republican legislatures around the country to restrict voting and gerrymandering congressional districts, it would seem it's the Republicans that are good at rigging elections. Republican supporters are also very good at getting away with threatening election officials.


                     Trump singled out election officials. Hear the horrific voicemails he received




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