Trump Mt. Rushmore Hate Speech: Disgusting String of Lies

by James DiGeorgia | 07/04/2020 2:40 PM
Trump Mt. Rushmore Hate Speech: Disgusting String of Lies

The only person who wants to tear down statues of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln is Russia’s Vladimir Putin. 


Lying is part of President Trump’s DNA. He can’t stop; he’s a sociopathic narcissistic mentally ill man. Black Lives Matter protesters consist of millions of White, Asian, and Hispanic Americans and millions of genuine conservatives.  However, Trump implies they are all radical leftists who want to tear down our country’s heritage. He’s trying to get re-elected by spewing hatred to deplorable and sycophants, his base consisting of 38% of the country’s voting public.

All confederate statues, military bases named after confederate generals, and politicians should be sold to the Russian billionaire that wants to buy them or removed and stored in the darkness at the bottom of a nuclear waste dumps. By doing so, we are not burying our American “heritage” but instead hiding our national shame and disgrace.

Trump’s ignorance of American history and its original sin of slavery and racism disgrace his presidency and prove he is the ultimate merchant of hatred in this country.  Combined with his treason, his deep hatred for minorities is all tied to his secret money connections to Russia and its dictator Vladimir Putin.

All of this, however, is a diversion a way to steer the attention of the American people away from the nightmarish mess he has made as president…

·        The out of control pandemic that will have infected 3 million. Americans with the potentially deadly COVID-19 virus by Monday.

·        The almost 133,000 fatalities that will have died COVID-19 virus by Monday.

·        His treasonous response to Putin’s “murder for hire” program

·        Over 40 million unemployed people.

·        The raft of books from family and former administration officials that reveal his incompetence and his evil.

·        The recession already underway that will turn into a depression given his and his Kakistocracy’s incompetence, ignorance and indifference.

·        His celebration of an 11% unemployment rate, ignoring the truth that there are still 40 million people unemployed.


    Trump slams protesters in patriotic 4th July speech

[Strategic Investment: The Post WWII World Order is About to Collapse]

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