Trump May Force Dr. Fauci to Torpedo His Reelection

by James DiGeorgia | 10/14/2020 5:34 PM
Trump May Force Dr. Fauci to Torpedo His Reelection

Fauci asks Trump Campaign to take down an out of context campaign ad. Trump refuses to pull down the ad and could prompt Fauci to hammer the President.  Could Fauci be this election October surprise?

October 14, 2020
United States COVID-19 Statistics
Coronavirus Cases: 8,140,163
Active Cases: 2,654,439
Recovered: 5,264,023
Deaths: 221,717
Deaths Reported by State 
New York 33,415
Texas 17,284
California 16,725
New Jersey 16,323
Florida 15,598
Massachusetts 9,630
Illinois 9,320
Pennsylvania 8,487
Georgia 7,470
Michigan 7,268
Arizona 5,772
Louisiana 5,695
Ohio 5,039
Connecticut 4,537
Maryland 4,022
North Carolina 3,856
Indiana 3,836
Veteran Affairs 3,667
South Carolina 3,593
Virginia 3,381
Mississippi 3,140
Tennessee 2,828
Alabama 2,706
Missouri 2,533
Minnesota 2,233
Washington 2,216
Colorado 2,153
Nevada 1,691
Arkansas 1,634
Wisconsin 1,536
Iowa 1,497
Kentucky 1,276
Rhode Island 1,147
Oklahoma 1,132
New Mexico 918
Kansas 838
Puerto Rico 742
Delaware 660
District Of Columbia 638
Oregon 608
Navajo Nation 571
Utah 527
Nebraska 527
Idaho 512
New Hampshire 456
West Virginia 391
North Dakota 365
South Dakota 291
Montana 225
Hawaii 173
Maine 143
Federal Prisons 128
US Military 99
Alaska 64
Guam 61
Vermont 58
Wyoming 57
US Virgin Islands 20
Grand Princess Ship 3
N Mariana Isl 2
TOTAL DEATHS         221,717


These current day DEATH statistics will become a drop in the ocean if Trump is able to institute his desire for a herd immunity policy


A showdown is in the making. Fauci has asked for the Trump campaign ad using his words out of context taken down. Trump’s response was to taunt Dr. Fauci while his campaign puts another deceptive ad out using Dr. Fauci without his permission. Trump’s decision to go after Fauci is designed to force the head of The National Institute for Health to resign.

Trying to force Fauci to resign by using his image and words in Trump’s campaign ads could backfire big time for the Trump reelection campaign. Suppose Fauci comes out against Trump’s coronavirus herd strategy publically and points out that as many as 1 million people in the United States, mostly senior citizens, will die. In that case, Trump’s chances for reelection become nill. Trump could face an even bigger revolt from senior citizens and suburban women who are already abandoning him in great numbers.

As of today, 8.1 million Americans have been infected with the coronavirus and 221,000 have died.  


                        Trump Losing BIG in New Polls

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