Trump Lying Again: No Way He Will Take the Stand in NY State Fraud Trial

by James DiGeorgia | 10/03/2023 1:59 PM
Trump Lying Again: No Way He Will Take the Stand in NY State Fraud Trial

NY Attorney General Letitia James and or her legal team would rip disgraced former President to shreds if he takes the stand in his NY fraud case now underway. Only the most incompetent defense attorneys would allow Trump to testify.

Donald Trump said again on Tuesday that he intends and looks forward to taking the stand in his New York fraud trial, NBC News reported.

When asked if he would take the witness stand, Trump replied "I will," before adding at "the appropriate time."

He’s lying of course as he did during the Mueller investigation, the litigation over Trump University, his extortion of President Zelinsky's investigation during his first impeachment, his second impeachment after the January 6, 2021 insurrection, and when he claimed he would take the stand during the E. Jean Caroll defamation lawsuit.

Trump has proven himself to be a pathological liar, who knows he can’t ever take the stand without lying or digging his hole deeper.

A recent NBC News report stated…

"He also delivered some mixed messages on the financial statements that the judge has already found are fraudulent, maintaining the statements were 'incredibly strong,' while also saying that there were disclaimers suggesting financial institutions shouldn't rely on them,"

Trump is listed as a potential witness both for the defense and the prosecution in the civil trial. He has already been found liable for inflating the value of his properties in an effort to secure business loans.

This means he is likely going to be called to the stand along with his sons Eric and Donald Jr. as well as Allen Weisselberg and the other defendants and take the 5th amendment rather than answer any questions by Letitia James or her team of prosecutors.

Should he decide in a stubborn rebellion against his defense team, they could instantly withdraw from the case rather than be accused of suborning perjury, leaving Trump with no legal representation.

The withdrawal of his legal team could be seen by Judge Endogen and their unwillingness to be put in the position of suborning perjury as enough to declare Trump and the rest of the defendants as legally culpable on all the charges civil charges and move the trial in the direction of arguments as to the economic damages.    

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