Trump Loses Again: 11th Circuit Grants DOJ's Fast-Track Appeal

by Wall Street Rebel - James DiGeorgia | 10/06/2022 6:45 AM
Trump Loses Again: 11th Circuit Grants DOJ's Fast-Track Appeal

Trump is appealing his loss in the typically conservative 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Court to the Supreme Court, which permitted the FBI to use 100 classified, secret, and top-secret documents in its criminal probe. Trump's 11,000 documents could be given to the FBI.


The Department of Justice asked the 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Court late last month to expedite its review of an order designating a special master to investigate papers seized by the FBI at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago estate. As a result, two Trump-nominated judges and one chosen by Barack Obama issued a judgment ordering the return of all 100 documents to the FBI and allowing the national law enforcement agency to continue its criminal investigation.

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Trump's legal team filed a motion with the 11th Circuit Federal Appeals Court in Atlanta on Monday, arguing that "Trump's team is already crunched for time dealing with the special master review and district court action, which includes going over the 11,000 documents, totaling about 200,000 pages, to determine if they're protected by attorney-client or executive privilege and litigating any fights over those claims. The appeal includes the claim…

"President Trump disagrees with and objects to the government's distorted and argumentative presentation of facts concerning the unprecedented raid of his home, its conduct in these proceedings, and the procedural history of this case."

According to Bloomberg's Zoe Tillman, the appeals court quickly granted the DOJ's request, putting its full appeal of the special master order on an "expedited track."

 Alt:(Zoe Tillman Tweet)                                               


Trump has already appealed the first decision made in his case allowing the FBI access to the 100 classified documents to conduct their criminal investigation.

Legal experts don't expect the Supreme Court to either place a stay on their use of those files or overrule the 11th Circuit. Some have described the arguments made both in the latest 11th Circuit case and the appeal of the Supreme Court to be successful.

Meanwhile, Trump wants Judge Cannon, his chosen judge and the only judge that has ignored our country's laws, to help him fire.

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                     Trumр DЕMANDS Corrսpt Judgе Caոnon BE FIRED as CАSE COLLAPSЕS


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