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Trump Kisses Putin's Ass

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 07/16/2018 2:46 PM
Trump Kisses Putin's Ass


[Picture: Trump Twitter]Even after the release of the Mueller Russian Probe detailed indictment of 22 Russians for Cyberwar attack on the United States last Friday, President Trump insists that the bad relations between the United States and Russia are the fault of the “Rigged Witch Hunt” taking place here in the United States.

[Picture: New Yorker]During Trump’s joint press conference with Putin today in Helsinki, Trump Refused to Condemn Putin for Russia’s Cyberwar against the United States and instead insisted “We’re All To Blame.”

The clear question Americans of all walks of life and political persuasions now should be asking … What does Russian President Vladimir Putin have on President Trump? 

The answer may already be in the hands of the Special Prosecutor Mueller, who may already have President Trump’s business and personal income taxes in his hands – going back to 1987.

Speculation has been reaching a boiling point that Donald Trump may have been laundering Russian and East European mob and oligarch money since 1987.

[Picture: Mueller Image]The questions were asked before Trump was elected president, but the circus of the 2016 Presidential Election may have drowned out its importance and as a result, has brought the American people the biggest Presidential scandal in the making in U.S. History.

The answer to whether Donald Trump made the bulk of his estimated $3 billion net worth from laundering money has its start back in 1987, but there are fresher places to start looking.

Where did Donald Trump get over $200 million in cash to make a long list of cash purchases of real estate around the world from 2007 through 2014?

[Picture: Trump-Laundering]The trail of the possible crimes can be picked up with the purchase of a $12.6 million Scottish estate, a $79.7 million golf course in the UK, and then the $16.2 million purchase of a Northern Virginia Winery – All in cash.

Further, the trail of what may be evidence of the first American President Guilty of Treason may be exposed as the result of his personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s especially lucrative day in 2014 when he sold four Manhattan buildings for $32 million—three times what he’d paid for them less than three years earlier.

Why are Michael Cohen’s sleazy financial dealings so important to the unmasking of Trump’s Russian money laundering?

Just look at the information that has become exposed — much of it thanks to a civil suit brought by the lawyer for one of the mistresses, Stormy Daniels, who Trump tried to buy off with $130K. That information shows that Cohen collected vast unreported sums, which either cash-for-access were functioning as quasi-bribes or straight-out bribes. For those not seeing the connection, Trump frequently used Cohen to build inscrutable ties to a worldwide network of criminals who washed ill-gotten sums through his real estate ventures.

Wired’s latest story on President Trump zeroes in on the money laundering that may have permanently compromised him…

“Recent days have been filled with a seeming tidalwave of fresh revelations from the spiraling investigation around Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, particularly around suspicious financial transactions involving Trump fixer Michael Cohen, who appears to have used the same shell company LLC to pay hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels, collect six- and seven-figure consulting deals from companies like AT&T and Novartis, and receive payments from a company with close ties to oligarch Viktor Vekselberg.”

“The subtext of many of the recent tales—from Donald Trump’s massive cash-spending spree to Cohen’s $32 million flip of New York real estate—is that the atypical transactions are worthy of greater scrutiny. After all, why was the self-proclaimed “King of Debt” suddenly waist-deep in cash and on a spending spree in the midst of the global real estate crash? Where was Cohen’s money coming from—and where was it going?”

 “It’s the old adage from the Watergate investigation: Follow the money.”

The implication is Trump has been hiding an elaborate money laundering business for over a decade and Russia was motivated by the dearth of the incriminating evidence accumulated by its GRU (military intelligence) to help him get elected for one purpose: to use the evidence to leverage enormous concessions from the compromised President.

A few minutes ago during the Helsinki press conference, Russian Vladimir Putin refused to deny the Russian government may have “compromising material” about President Donald Trump and his family.

Asked by The Associated Press’ Jonathan Lemire during the joint press conference with Trump in Helsinki, Finland, Putin acknowledged the “rumors” before evading the question.

[Picture:Putin Image]Among the rumors is the infamous “pee tape” or “golden showers,” a recording which purports to contain footage of Trump and urinating prostitutes at a Moscow hotel in 2013, when the then-reality television star and “Miss Universe” owner was there for that year’s pageant hosted in Moscow.

We at believe that President Trump and his GOP sycophants in the House of Representatives are attempting the...  biggest cover up of foreign espionage in U.S. History and this will lead to a massive dislocation in the world’s financial markets since the 2008-2009 Wall Street melt-down. Those who ignore this danger are going to be caught flat footed and will most likely incur financial losses from remaining long as we approach the November mid-terms. The next set of indictments could break the zombie spell majority of the GOP, now polled as supporting Trump with an 88% approval rating.


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