Trump Flying from Ireland to 'Confront' E. Jean Carroll: Total Bullshit!

by James DiGeorgia:Opinion | 05/07/2023 2:02 AM
Trump Flying from Ireland to 'Confront' E. Jean Carroll: Total Bullshit!

Is Trump a conman or just setting up an excuse for what could be a $50M+ judgment in E. Jean Carrol’s NY civil rape and defamation case? Why it’s likely a political and tampering with the jury strategy.

Twice impeached, defeated, criminally indicted, accused rapist, sexual batterer, pathological former President Donald Trump claimed he was cutting his trip to Ireland short and will “confront” his accuser in a civil rape case on Friday.

“I’m going back to New York,” he told reporters from his golf resort in Doonbeg in County Clare, according to reports.

Within hours his lie was exposed by his lawyer shyster lawyer Trocopina, who said to Judge Kaplan, “You know what I’m dealing with.”

Judge Kaplan’s ever-patient style gave him till today for Trump to notify the court he wanted to take the stand.

Trump ran away from testifying by visiting his properties in Scotland and Ireland since the start of the trial. At the same time, a civil court in Manhattan heard E. Jean Carroll’s accusations that he raped her in 1995 or 1996 and then defamed her by denying it. The new law gives rape and victims of sexual crimes one year to file a civil suit was used to add the claim of being attacked and raped by Donald J. Trump.

For the record, his lawyer Joe Trocopina has already told Judge Kaplan the accused rapist had chosen not to participate in the trial during two or more court appearances.

The judge is cognitive of Trump of Trump’s attempts to illegally influence the jury tasked with determining by the preponderance of the evidence if E. Jean Carroll’s claims are truthful.

We at believe that if he takes the stand and is cross-examined, he will fold like a cheap beach chair.

His attempt to influence the jury is, in itself, a crime.

He’s trying to set up a claim that the judge refused to hear from him.

Allowing Trump to testify at the last minute would end up as a catastrophe for the defense. The judge would, without appearing to be biased in any way, make Trump’s time in the witness chair a living hell.

Trump is the worst possible person to put on the stand. He’s a proven liar, and he can be extremely combative. So. depending on the latitude Judge Kaplan gives E. Jane Carrol’s lawyer(s), questions on Trump with regard to questions while he’s on the stand would or will eviscerate not only his statements made in public with regard to Carroll. His pathological lifetime of lies would be fair game on cross-examination.  His vivisection would be forever studied in law schools, much like historians study the collapse of the Roman empire, for thousands of years.  

Trump would surely melt down when confronted by the likely false statements and treason he committed leading following the November 2020 election he will be indicted for by Special Prosecutor Jack Smith. On cross-examination as a rebuttal to any claim he’s never raped or molested now 18+ women that have stepped forward his veracity can be challenged for 3, 4, 5 days on the stand by E. Jean Carrol’s lawyers. They would most likely be allowed to use video tape, recordings, and Twitter meltdowns him made regarding NYAG Letitia James, Manhattan DA Alan Bragg, and Fulton DA Fani Willis. In fact, anything in his life that will demonstrate his lack of veracity could be used against him.

Trump’s response to this cross-examination would be having a tantrum on the stand and making speeches. Judge Kaplan after the trial is concluded could have Trump incarcerated, and could refer him for prosecution putting Trump in a jail cell. It could even result in a direct verdict leaving the jury to only determine the financial damages.

Trump said on Friday…

“I’ll be going back early because a woman made a claim that is totally false, it’s fake,” he said yesterday,” To "go back and confront this woman”.

 “It’s a disgrace, but we have to do it; it’s a part of life. Because of that, I have to leave Ireland and I have to leave Scotland, where I have great properties. I have to leave early.

“I don’t have to, but I choose to.”

This is now open-source material during E Carroll’s lawyers closing. To quote the Stork in the cult classic movie Animal House…

“What? Is he a moron?

Yes, and so much more. A conman that pilfered $200M from his political donors pushing a lie, a cause that he didn’t execute, and an organization that didn’t exist. Regardless of what he does, EJ Carroll will be vindicated and awarded eight or nine figures in compensatory and punitive damages. Victims of rape, sexual battery, and defamation will celebrate their approaching victory.

Like NAZI Joseph Goebbels Ph.D. will be exposed over and over as a pathological, evil, megalomaniac and rapist by historians till the end of mankind’s tenancy in this universe. Asked about his legacy, Trump once said

“I don’t care about my legacy. I’ll be dead.”

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