Trump Dumpty Slams Christie with Childish ‘Problem with SIZE’ Rant

by James DiGeorgia: Opinion | 06/07/2023 12:20 PM
Trump Dumpty Slams Christie with Childish ‘Problem with SIZE’ Rant

Is former N.J. Governor Christie capable of literally roasting Donald Trump vigorously with a sense of humor every day from now until the votes are counted in Ohio? He needs some help from professional liberal comedy writers to win.

To beat Trump Christie has become smooth enough to hit on Trump’s outlandish treatment of Christopher Wray, who by the way was recommended for the F.B.I. Directorship by Christie to Trump. Instead of ignoring the evidence, he needs to get Trump voters through laughter to see Trump as a washed-up conman finally.

A series of Lincoln Project-style videos with Chris Christie poking fun at Trump and exposing his failures, lies, and failed illegal schemes underlined by the motto – it’s time to return to real conservative leadership. Enough with Trump and his hatred of America’s democracy and the rule of law. 

Christie announcement speak would have recieved three times more coverage if he inlcuded humorous examples of  Trump being a screw-up.   


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