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Trump Cover-Up: Pushing CDC to Lower Pandemic Death Counts

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/13/2020 1:58 PM
Trump Cover-Up: Pushing CDC to Lower Pandemic Death Counts
In a desperate attempt to cover up just how badly President Donald Trump and his administration has handled the coronavirus pandemic, they are urging the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to revise their mythology for classifying  COVID-19 death counts.

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Trump and his Kakistocracy are pushing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to change their methods that could lead to far fewer COVID-19 deaths counted according to five administration officials working on the government’s response to the pandemic.  Dr. Anthony Fauci testified yesterday to a Senate investigative committee that the number of people who have died as a result of COVID-19 has likely been undercounted.

President Trump has publicly attested to the accuracy of the COVID-19 death count.  The president in recent weeks has privately raised suspicion about the number of fatalities in the United States, which will reach over 100,000 recorded deaths by the end of May and has been projected to reach 149,000 by the first few days in August.  We at Wall Street Rebel believe the death toll by Election Day November 3, 2020, could surge to over 350,000.

The idea that American voters will go to the polls and vote when three hundred and fifty thousand people have died as a result of his incompetence has Trump terrified.   To head off a public relations nightmare, Trump is suggesting he has to his sycophants that those numbers could have been incorrectly tallied or even inflated by current methodology, two individuals with knowledge according to reporting from the Daily Beast.

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Included in this effort to reclassify a COVID-19 death to another cause of death is Deborah Birx, M.D., the coordinator of the administration’s coronavirus task force.  Dr. Brix is urging CDC officials to exclude from coronavirus death-count reporting some of those individuals who either do not have confirmed lab results and are presumed positive or who have the virus and may not have died as a direct result of it, according to three senior administration officials says the Daily Beast. 

Five CDC Officials, interviewed by the Daily Beast, insist they are pushing back against that request.  They are claiming it could falsely skew the mortality rate.  

Scientists and doctors working with the task force agree with Dr. Fauci’s belief that COVID-19 has caused thousands of more deaths over the last two months. Even the CDC itself is on record as saying the same thing. Bob Anderson, the chief of the Mortality Statistics Branch in CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics, was quoted…

“I don’t worry about this over-reporting issue…We’re almost certainly underestimating the number of deaths [in the country].”

The political pressure being placed on the CDC by the White House has created tensions that are reaching a boiling point. The White House’s decision to bury the CDC’s guidelines for states to reopen their local economies may prove former Vice President Gore correct concerning his prediction of botched reopening that costs many more lives and forces a second closing of the country.

Despite the CDC’s and Dr. Fauci’s warning, the guidelines the agency proposed how local officials can begin to allow some residents to attend religious gatherings and summer camps, was rejected by White House.

Trump appears to be indifferent about the danger of appearing to manipulate the numbers of deaths being reported even though recent polls show that only 37% of the public trusts what he is saying about the pandemic. His strategy of saying the numbers are accurate in public while pushing members of his task-force to push the CDC to lower the death count.

One unnamed source quoted by the Daily Beast downplayed the death counts saying the mortality rate is a “far-lagging indicator” of the spread of the virus and argued that it was “not a real-time indicator of how the virus is affecting the population.”

The official said it was the task force’s view that the mortality rate doesn’t “inform the response efforts as other data could, like hospitalizations” and that the virus moves through populations “like nursing homes and prisons,” as well as populations with comorbidities.

The Washington Post reported that during a task-force meeting last week, Dr. Birx said she couldn’t trust the CDC’s numbers—on both case and death counts—because the reporting system it relied upon was flawed. She argued that the agency was likely over counting. CDC officials who heard Dr. Brix’s argument have said they were confused by her assertions. The Daily Beast quoted one CDC official as saying

“The system can always get better. But if we’ve learned anything, it’s that we’re seeing some of these individuals who have died of the virus slip through the cracks…It’s not that we’re over counting.” 

But according to one of the sources with knowledge of Trump’s private remarks, the president recently said that he’d like a “review” of how the coronavirus deaths are counted and studied by the government. Citing an absurd hypothetical case in which a person has the virus but is killed by other unnatural means, such as falling down a flight of stairs.

Trump according to unnamed sources has pointed out in his private discussions with members of the pandemic response team that death estimates for other catastrophes —such as natural disasters and wars—are revised down or up “all the time,” and that the coronavirus pandemic could have similar fluctuations in the numbers published by public and private entities.

We at Wall Street Rebel think this effort by President Trump to lower the number of deaths is going to backfire on the administration and the United States.  Between the reality that…

·        350,000 people who will have died by Election Day

·         His tax returns being made public  

·        A resurgence of the pandemic here in the United States due to his botched reopening

...will all bring a series of crippling disclosures and events that are likely to deliver a 2020 Democrat tsunami. 

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