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Trump Complains About $36 Million Mueller Investigation While the Cost of Golf Outings to Taxpayers Hits $102 Million!

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeorgia
  • 05/23/2019 9:45 AM
Trump Complains About $36 Million Mueller Investigation While the Cost of Golf Outings to Taxpayers Hits $102 Million!

The lies, exaggerations and hypocrisy of President Trump who insisted that he wouldn’t have time to play golf when elected could surge over $200 million in the remaining time in his current term.

By James DiGeorgia

President Trump attacked President Obama for playing golf too much. The attacks were relentless and during his campaign Trump promised repeatedly that if elected he would not play golf at all… “I’ll be too busy to leave the White House”

Like many of his promises, Trump abandoned his pledge just two weeks after his inauguration. Trump took the first of 24 trips to date to Mar-a-Lago and has spent 61 days on his Florida courses, and 58 days at Bedminster in New Jersey, 2 days at his Turnberry course and a day at Trump National Golf Club. I was actually there at the West Palm Beach club and ate lunch next to him while he spewed incoherently accusing Obama of bugging his office and promising he would see to it the former president would pay for the illegal surveillance. 

Now he’s planning his resort on the west coast of Ireland next month, even though there are absolutely no official meetings with Irish leaders planned there or in the nation’s capital, Dublin.

Donald Trump’s golf habit has already cost taxpayers at least $102 million in extra travel and security expenses, and next month will achieve a new milestone: a seven-figure presidential visit to another country so he can play at his own course.

U.S. taxpayers have spent $81 million for the president’s two dozen trips to Florida. They spent $17 million for his 15 trips to New Jersey, another $1 million so he could visit his resort in Los Angeles and at least $3 million for his two days in Scotland last summer ― $1.3 million of which went just for rental cars for the massive entourage that accompanies a president abroad.

On the 853rd day of his presidency and Trump has spent 174 of them at one of his own golf courses. By contrast, Obama on his 853rd day in office had spent 70 days at a golf course, of which 48 were on courses at U.S. military bases a short motorcade ride from the White House and making the contrast even starker all but two of those golf outings were during family vacations in Hawaii and Martha’s Vineyard.

Meanwhile, the Mueller investigating found that Russia did interfere “in sweeping and systematic fashion” in the 2016 election. President Trump, despite that definitive finding… repeatedly calls the Mueller investigation the “Russian Hoax”.

Even worse despite many credible reports and warnings including from FBI Director Christopher A. Wray last month that Russia is continuing to attempt to undermine U.S. elections, including the presidential election next year. Trump has taken no action to prevent our elections from being tampered with and has stonewalled members of his administration from taking preventive countermeasures.

It’s time to recognize that President Trump is a professional grafter and conman. Watchdog groups tracking his hypocrisy, and his self-dealing which takes place whenever Trump travels to his own resorts point to the publicity value of a presidential visit his clubs get and that each trip also results in many hundreds of thousands, accumulating into many millions of taxpayer dollars flowing into Trump resorts for hotel rooms, golf carts and food and drink for Secret Service agents. Despite all his promises and assurances Trump made during the campaign that he would not profit from his presidency — a portion of every taxpayer dollar spent at his clubs ends up in Trump’s own pocket.

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