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Trump Claims US Tariffs Have Delivered Great Economic Results

  • Wall Street Rebel | James DiGeogia
  • 05/06/2019 11:19 AM
Trump Claims US Tariffs Have Delivered Great Economic Results

Trump Claims US Tariffs Have Delivered Great Economic Results



Trump’s brain must be broken. His claiming tariffs on Chinese imports have been partially responsible for our great economic results would earn him an “F” in any college 101 economic classes. Also, POTUS is claiming China bears the brunt of the cost of the U.S tariffs is a denial of reality. Tariffs are taxes on American businesses and consumers.



By James DiGeorgia


The President of the United States Donald J. Trump is an economic moron who doesn’t have the basic understanding of a second-year community college economics major has about tariffs and his trade wars. Even worse he has no understanding of the Chinese government or how to negotiate.

On Sunday President Trump did his best to destroy months of progress with the Chinese in negotiating a new trade treaty by announcing he will markedly increase U.S. tariffs on certain Chinese goods….

Alt:[Twitter Trump on China Trade War

One news outlet reported U.S. President Donald Trump on Sunday dramatically increased pressure on China to reach a long-sought trade deal.

The pressure Trump is threatening will be to hurt U.S. consumers and businesses with higher costs. The damage could push the U.S. economy into a recession and lead to much higher interest rates here in the United States going forward.

Trump’s decision could also result in Chinese retaliation like suspending…

·        Negotiations

·        All agricultural, U.S. airliner purchases and an all-out boycott of U.S. goods.

Trump’s public announcement also let the world know that China and the United States are nowhere near closing in on a deal to end their trade war. This has ominous implications for the financial markets because it means global growth will continue to slow and could disrupt the economic landscape.

U.S.-China trade talks took place last week in Beijing and are supposed to resume this week, with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He due to travel to Washington.

After this past week’s meetings, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin described them as “productive.”

Apparently another Mnuchin lie?

Last week, industry sources said they believed the talks were close to completion. Those sources say Mnuchin the U.S. negotiating team would soon be able to recommend a deal to Trump or tell him that one could not be reached.

The Trump administration is insisting on the way to ensure that China follows through on any promises to purchase more American goods. We have said repeatedly here in Wall Street Rebel that President Trump is insisting on the Chinese to drop their tariffs while insisting the U.S. maintains its tariffs until his administration decides if the Chinese are sticking with the deal. This will just kill any deal.

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